Gourmet Crème Fraiche
This saffron and tomato variety joins Sweden’s Arla Köket-brand line of gourmet crème fraiche. With a fat content of 28 percent, the range also includes béarnaise and apple dill curry flavors. Each plastic tub sports a tamper-evident foil seal and retails for 1.62 euros (about $2.20).
Oldenburger Cream
With a 23 percent butterfat content, Oldenburger Cream from Nordmilch is said to be free from genetically modified organisms. Packaged in a 170-gram steel can, the product retails for 26.50 PHP (about 56 cents).
Drinking Cream
OAO Petmol has launched a 22 percent fat variety of its Prostovashino-brand sterilized drinking cream. The range also includes an 11 percent fat variety. The paperboard carton features a plastic screw cap and sells for .71 euros (about 97 cents).
Whipped Chantilly Cream Mix
This shelf-stable whipped cream mix comes from DuCôco Frutop. The 50-gram brown-board cartons sell for 1.31 BRL (about 65 cents).
Liquid Fresh Cream
This thermally treated cream comes from Milbona, manufactured by Molkerei Gropper. It contains 32 percent fat per serving. Each 500-milliliter PET bottle retails for 1.19 euros (about $1.60).
Pasteurized Milk Cream
Brazil’s Lider Alimentos delivers its Lider Chanty Crème de Leite Pasteurizado with a 45 percent fat content. Sporting a tamper-evident foil seal, each 350-gram plastic tub sells for a suggested 1.87 BRL (about 92 cents).
Single-Cream Sauce
Coop Qualité & Prix offers this Saucen-Halbrahm with 25 percent milk fat. The single-cream variety joins a range that also includes crème fraiche, double cream and sour single cream. Each 180-gram plastic tub retails for 1.11 euros (about $1.50).
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database
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