Sargento® Chipotle Cheddar Shreds
Company: Sargento Foods Inc., Plymouth, Wis.
Distribution: National.
Suggested Retail: $2.69 per 7-ounce package.
Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, chipotle peppers, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, annatto (vegetable color), potato starch and powdered cellulose (to prevent caking), natamycin (a natural mold inhibitor).
Nutrition Information: (1/4 cup) Calories 100, fat calories 70g, total fat 8g, saturated fat 5g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 25mg, sodium 190mg, total carbohydrate 1g, dietary fiber 0g, sugars 0g, protein 6g, vitamin A 6 percent RDV, vitamin C 0 percent RDV, calcium 20 percent RDV, iron 0 percent RDV. Other Varieties: Snack Sticks and Slices.
More Details: Sargento Foods is rejuvenating the dairy case with its latest innovation of Sargento Chipotle Cheddar Cheese. The combination of chipotle peppers with all-natural cheddar cheese allows for a flavorful, smoky kick in every bite.
YoCrunch® Naturals Yogurt
Company: Breyers Yogurt Co., Naugatuck, Conn.
Distribution: National.
Suggested Retail: 99 cents to $1.19 per 6-ounce container.
Ingredients: (Strawberry yogurt with SunSpire® chocolate baking chips) Lowfat yogurt: Cultured pasteurized grade A milk, sugar, strawberries, tapioca starch, rice starch, whey protein, cultured skim milk, corn starch, pectin, natural flavor, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), lemon juice, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3. Sunspire all-natural dark chocolate chips: Whole grain malted barley and corn, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (added as an emulsifier), pure natural vanilla.
Varieties: Strawberry, Blueberry and Mixed Berry with Back to Nature® Granola; Strawberry and Banana with Grape-Nuts® Cereal; and Strawberry with SunSpire chocolate baking chips.
Nutrition Information: (1 container) Calories 210, fat calories 45, total fat 5g, saturated fat 3.5g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 5mg, sodium 95mg, total carbohydrate 38g, fiber 1g, sugars 30g, protein 7g, vitamin A 4 percent RDV, vitamin C 6 percent RDV, calcium 25 percent RDV, iron 0 percent RDV.
More Details: The YoCrunch Naturals line features nutritious all-natural yogurt paired with mix-ins such as Back to Nature Granola, Grape-Nuts Cereal and SunSpire baking chips.  
LightFull™ Satiety Smoothie
Company: LightFull Foods Inc., San Francisco.
Distribution: National.
Suggested Retail: $1.79 to $2.19 per 8.25-ounce container.
Ingredients: (Mango Oasis) Water, erythritol (natural sweetener), nonfat plain yogurt (cultured pasteurized nonfat milk, nonfat milk solids, pectin), mango puree, tangerine juice concentrate. Contains 2% or less of the following: Whey protein isolate, dextrin, natural flavors, inulin (natural dietary fiber), evaporated cane juice, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), calcium lactate, pectin, xanthan and guar gums, dipotassium phosphate, potassium citrate, gellan gum, salt, citric acid.
Nutrition Information: (1 container) Calories 90, calories from fat 0, total fat 0 saturated fat 0, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, sodium 70, total carbohydrate 38g, fiber 5g, sugars 11g, erythritol 19g, protein 5g, vitamin A 15 percent RDV, vitamin C 30 percent RDV, calcium 20 percent RDV, iron 2 percent RDV.
Varieties: Mango Oasis, Chocolate Satisfaction, Strawberry Bliss, Peachy Cream and Café Latte.
More Details: The reformulated Lightfull Satiety Smoothie is an excellent source of calcium and is gluten-free and low-glycemic. 
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Salads of the Sea® Cheesy Cheddar & Shrimp Dip
Company: Future Food Ltd., Carrollton, Texas.
Distribution: National.
Suggested Retail: $3.99 per 7-ounce package.
Ingredients: Mayonnaise: Soybean oil, water, pasteurized salted egg yolks (egg yolks, salt), distilled vinegar, seasoning (sugar, salt, mustard flour), lemon juice concentrate. Shrimp: Shrimp, water, salt, sodium tripolyphosphate, paprika. Cheddar cheese: Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, annatto (for color), powdered cellulose (anti-caking agent), acidified sour cream (cream, water, dairy blend [buttermilk, whey protein concentrate, whey]), nonfat dry milk, stabilizer (modified corn starch, gelatin, guar gum, sodium citrate, carrageenan, salt, locust bean gum), food acids (water, citric acid, lactic acid, natural flavor, phosphoric acid), buttermilk powder, glucono delta lactone, dehydrated onion, garlic powder, xanthan gum, sugar, sodium benzoate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative), wheat gluten, fish (pollock) gelatin.
Nutrition Information: (2 tablespoons) Calories 160, fat calories 140, total fat 15g, saturated fat 3g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 35mg, sodium 170mg, total carbohydrate 2g, fiber 0g, sugars 1g, protein 4g, vitamin A 2 percent RDV, vitamin C 0 percent RDV, calcium 6 percent RDV, iron 2 percent RDV.
More Details: Salads of the Sea Cheesy Cheddar & Shrimp Dip is a creamy blend of warm-water shrimp, freshly grated cheddar cheese and Texas Pete Hot Sauce.  
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