Creators Briefs

Free Sterols
Study after study has shown phytosterols to lower total cholesterol levels, but until now, processors were unable to deliver on their cholesterol-cutting potential due to technical barriers including high melting points. With a new proprietary encapsulation process, manufacturers can now utilize free sterols as an ingredient during the manufacturing process without the use of special equipment or any organoleptic effects in the finished end product. Kerry’s encapsulation process allows the use of free sterols in beverage products, which result in a lower cost per serving than using sterol/stanol ester products. — Kerry Group, (651) 702-6221,
Frozen Formulations
SPI Polyols Inc., a global manufacturer and supplier of specialty polyols, and David Michael & Co., a global supplier of flavors, stabilizers and natural colors, announce the use of Maltisweet™ IC Maltitol Syrup in a sugar-free frozen dairy dessert formulation. The product is sugar free, lactose free, ultra-low glycemic and contains no high-intensity sweeteners. It is also lowfat with less than 90 calories per serving, trans-fat free and a good source of dietary fiber. A higher freezing point vs. conventional ice cream offers superior freezing performance and heat shock resistance. — SPI Polyols, (800) 789-9755, ; David Michael & Co., (215) 632-3100,
Enriched Health and Taste
Tate & Lyle launches Tate & Lyle Enrich®, a new service which enables food and beverage manufacturers to create products that are packed with additional nutrients but taste as good as regular brands. Tate & Lyle’s Enrich service is focused on three main areas: digestive health and immunity; obesity and weight management; and children’s health. Enrich for digestive health and immunity comprises a range of ingredients, including prebiotic fibers, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that can be used in consumer products which help to promote healthy digestion and may boost the immune system. The Enrich solutions also include a range of vitamins and minerals and are formulated to provide synbiotic benefits, i.e. prebiotic fiber in combination with probiotic cultures. — Tate & Lyle, (866) 653-6622,
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