Optimizing Dairy Operations

Company expertise reduces costs and increases yields.

NCSRT produces the CONSEP® tangential flow filtration (TFF) line of products for the dairy manufacturing market. The modules employ the patented SmartFlow™ technology to significantly improve membrane performance.
By directing the fluid flow evenly over the membrane surface, CONSEP modules outperform both spiral-wrapped filters and alternative plate-and-frame filter designs. The performance of the CONSEP filter modules in producing high-viscosity fluids allows dairy manufacturers to eliminate the cost and energy association with evaporators prior to spray drying in their powder manufacturing systems. The SmartFlow design also enables NCSRT to build modules with controlled open-channel spacers to further improve the fluid flow over the membrane surface, control the critical shear at the membrane surface and improve the control of transmembrane pressure.
By optimizing the filter module with the proper fluid dynamics required for a specific operation, NCSRT CONSEP modules can achieve high solids content and improved product yield, and reduce leakage of product through the membrane while providing lower operational costs.
CONSEP modules can be manufactured with virtually any polymeric membrane available in flat sheet form. The company offers regenerated cellulose, polysulfone, polyethersulfone and PVDF membranes. This allows NCSRT to select the right membrane for the customer’s application and incorporate them into its patented design for the filtration module.
CONSEP modules are utilized for producing fresh cheeses, soft cheeses, process cheese, process cheese food, protein isolates and enriched protein fractions for specialty applications such as formulas, nutraceuticals and components for yogurt. For cheesemakers, CONSEP modules produce purified, low-lactose casein for improved cheese taste and texture. Protein powder manufacturers utilizing SmartFlow technology report that their customers see a higher value and improved quality in their powders.
NCSRT also engineers PUROSEP™ filtration systems to control and optimize the production of dairy products. With installed systems to handle more than 2.1 million liters of milk per day, NCSRT can provide state-of-the-art filtration systems that integrate directly into any plant operation.
Working with system integrators or local construction contractors, NCSRT has the expertise to provide the design and system start-up support required to integrate SmartFlow technology into plant operations. The benefits of applying this technology are realized in reduced costs and increased yields. Savings accrue in areas such as energy cost, reduced water consumption, reduced cleaning costs and reduced labor for maintenance and steam costs. — NCSRT, 1000 Goodworth Drive, Apex, N.C., 27539, phone: (919) 387-8460, fax: (919) 387-8540, Web site: www.ncsrt.com  
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