Creators Briefs

Vanilla and More
Partners Arthur Guerrera and Naushad Lalani have combined 40 years of expertise to form Sentrex Ingredients, a vertically integrated manufacturer of extracts and ingredients for various industries. A 23,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Linden, N.J., serves as headquarters and the main manufacturing site. The core product group includes pure vanilla extracts (all folds), natural vanilla oleoresins, category II vanillas and other natural vanilla products offered both in conventional and organic forms. Future line extensions include coffee, cocoa and specialty extracts and ingredients. Capabilities extend beyond the product line with custom and toll extraction processes and services.  Initial target industries consist of dairy, beverage, baking, confectionary, flavor and foodservice sectors. — Sentrex Ingredients, (908) 862-4440
Grown-Up Flavors
Kerry has developed its newest ice cream flavor concept with two of the hottest flavor and health trends in the forefront – tea and yogurt. Catering to the adult market, the Chai Yogurt Wonder Bar features spiced chai tea-flavored ice cream with texture-enhancing stabilizers for a decadent mouthfeel. Enrobed in a creamy, light yogurt coating, the ice cream bar imparts an indulgent layered flavor profile. — Kerry Sweet Ingredients, (913) 780-1212,
Clean and Clear
Health and wellness is all important in today’s food industry, and consumers prefer foods with natural colors. Cleaner labels and natural antioxidants such as polyphenols or carotenoids are a must for the big beverage producers. Chr. Hansen extends its ColorFruit™ range of natural colors with four shades that enhance colored, clear beverages.  The new natural red and violet are all made from fruits and vegetables and offer a natural alternative to the use of synthetics like Tartrazine or Allura Red. The ColorFruit™ range covers all shades from yellow to violet, but is based on just two pigments, natural carotene and anthocyanins. A unique technology optimizes the intermolecular relationships of the color molecules and creates colors with superior heat and light stability. – Chr. Hansen, (800) 558-0802,
Dairy Diet
Fabuless is a combination of palm and oat oils, both naturally occurring dietary lipids, formulated in a novel emulsion. Action Calorie Control, the first dairy product containing Fabuless, was launched in August 2005. Fabuless triggers the natural appetite control mechanism. By suppressing hunger signals that would normally be sent hours after a meal, consumers feel more satisfied and consequently eat less. Lowered calorie intake at subsequent meals has been clinically proven in several published studies. When digestion starts at this delayed stage, the human body identifies a relatively high level of undigested fat and consequently suppresses hunger signals. Fabuless fat is then digested like normal fat. Fabuless is a natural choice for dairy manufacturers and formulators of yogurts, milk and slimming shakes. — DSM Food Specialties,
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