European Frozen Desserts

Emmi Caffe Latte Ice
Emmi Schweiz AG makes a new Macchiato variety of its Caffe Latte Ice — ice cream mixed with 19 percent espresso. The treat comes in 145 milliliter, single-serve plastic cups with resealable lids.
Trofic Trium Ice Cream Bars
Tiramisu, Cacahuete (peanut) and Miel (honey) are the three varieties offered in this newly launched ice cream bar marketed by Leclerc. The Tiramisu stick novelty features ice cream with coffee-flavored stripes and a dark-chocolate coating with cocoa bean chips. The 100 milliliter bars come packaged three to a box that retails for 1.62 EUR (about $2).
Dixi Yoghurt Ice Cream
German manufacturer Balbiino AS has released a Rye Bread variety of its Dixi Yoghurt Ice Cream to the Estonian market. Positioned as a lowfat product, it’s offered in 500 milliliter plastic tubs.
P.A. Morozoff Pewent’s No. 17 Premium Ice Cream
Caramel Cream is the latest flavor addition to the P.A. Morozoff Pewent’s line of ice cream, manufactured by Kholod Slavmo JSC in the Republic of Karelia. Sporting 19th century-style packaging graphics, the 200-gram bars are priced at 17.50 RUB (about 65 cents).
Algida Viennetta Lody Waniliowe
This vanilla ice cream log is manufactured by Unilever Polska S.A. and sold under the Algida brand name. It comes in a 600 milliliter box and retails for 6.99 PLN ($2.29).
Cadbury Crunchie Blast
United Kingdom
Honeycomb-flavored ice cream is the foundation of this stick novelty, covered in Cadbury chocolate and crystals of popping candy. Manufactured by Fredericks Dairies Ltd., the single sticks sell for £1.10 (about $2), while three-packs are priced at £1.99 (about $3.65).
Nestlé Nesquik Push-Up Helado
This “fun, original and nutritious vanilla and chocolate ice cream based with calcium” comes from Nestlé Espana S.A. and is sold in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Greece. This novelty aims to help kids “have some fun with playful shapes while they are nourished with all the goodness” of milk.
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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