Creators Briefs

Colors from Nature
As consumer markets continue to drive the health and wellness aspect of foods, requirements to utilize natural ingredients are increasing. Along with Wild’s history of emphasizing natural flavors and colors for food and beverages, continual research and development of these types of ingredients ensures product developers of the company’s prior testing of natural materials within a wide array of product applications. Wild’s Colors From Nature® line of natural colors encompasses a complete range of choices, from pink through red to purple, yellow through orange to brown, and various shades of green.  With the enormous emphasis placed on naturalness for food products, the appearance of color plays a vital role in the perception within each item. Wild’s technical expertise and support capabilities, along with continual testing in numerous applications, ensure product developers of obtaining the best color. – Wild Flavors, 
Innovative Ice Cream
Roquette America has developed ingredients and formulations that offer today’s ice cream consumer great-tasting products with excellent health benefits. Healthy ice cream is possible through the development of innovative advanced sugar replacement systems that offer the taste and texture of their sugar and fat counterparts with the benefits of caloric reduction, sugar reduction and added fiber. Maltisorb® crystalline maltitol and Polysorb® FM Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates are leading the way to new healthy ice cream product growth. – Roquette America Inc., (800) 553-7035,
Natural Flavors
Global sales of better-for-you foods reached almost $129 billion in 2004 and the functional foods and beverage market has increased 20 percent in the last few years. In response to this megatrend, Chr. Hansen announces its portfolio of product concepts and natural ingredients for health and wellness. The company produces dairy flavors that are made from real cheese, cream, and milk, and has designed a line of vegetarian based savory flavors. In smoothies or ice cream, Chr. Hansen’s probiotics can be used to promote gut health and immunity. The company’s rosemary extract has antioxidant properties, and can be used in such applications as cereal, process cheese, confectionery and meat. Chr. Hansen’s natural dairy flavor can be added to a lowfat dairy product to improve taste and mouthfeel. The company has produced a new informational brochure that also introduces its focused concepts and ingredient solutions for health and wellness. – Chr. Hansen, (800) 558-0802,  
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