HITS Keep On Coming
Consumer interest in natural and healthy products continues to rise, and Wild Flavors meets this demand by expanding its HITS-Health Ingredient Technology & Solutions®. The HITS line of ingredients and solutions allows food and beverage manufacturers to use functional ingredients while creating great-tasting products. Wild’s original line of HITS ingredients such as lutein, lycopene, grape seed extract, green tea polyphenols and Co-Enzyme Q10 has now been expanded to include Co-Enzyme Q10 in a water-soluble emulsion and a dry, water dispersible form, along with chlorogenic acid and phytosterol emulsions. — Wild Flavors, (888) 342-3600, www.wildflavors.com
Cost-Effective Coagulant
Danisco’s Marzyme®, a pure microbial coagulant, can help save cheesemakers money without sacrificing quality. Marzyme provides the same benefits of FPC at a considerable cost savings, and is so pure, it doesn’t affect the yield or taste of cheese. — Danisco USA Inc., (800) 255-6837, www.danisco.com
Unique Sugar
Sports drinks containing Palatinose™, the new functional carbohydrate from Palatinit, will provide a healthy, long-lasting energy supply. Palatinose, also known under the generic name isomaltulose, is a unique sugar whose health benefits distinguish it substantially from regular sugar. A natural constituent of honey and sugar cane, it has a natural, mild sweet taste, and can be used in both food and beverages (self-affirmed GRAS in the United States and approved for use in all foods and beverages in the European Union). Like sucrose, Palatinose is fully digested and has the same caloric value. Unlike sucrose, Palatinose is digested more slowly and promotes fat oxidation. This slow digestibility also results in a very low glycemic response and a low isulinemic response, as well as a prolonged energy supply in the form of glucose. Palatinose can be used in sports drinks with clear or lactose bases either as instant formulas or in ready-to-drink form. — Palatinit, www.palatinit.com
Trans-Free Lipids
By 2006, all U.S. packaged foods must contain labeling information on trans-fatty acids. Kerry Ingredients offers a variety of efficient no- and low-trans technologies, as well as expertise specifically troubleshooting issues inherent in the removal of trans fats. Trans-free product offerings include lipids (powders, creamers, olive oil powders and clouding agents), cheese powders, cultured dairy powders, prepared blends, particulates and fillings. These products can also be customized to meet specific application needs. — Kerry Specialty Ingredients, (608) 363-1688, www.kerryamericas.com
Natural Gum Thickens
Many dairy and dairy-based products are known for their thick, creamy taste and appearance. To help processors impart such characteristics, TIC Gums has developed a new natural gum system, TIC Pretested® Dairyblend 701-SC, the latest in its patented Dairyblend series of gums. Comprised of synergistic, protein-reactive hydrocolloids including guar gum, locust bean gum and carrageenan, Dairyblend 701-SC is used primarily for sour cream as a thickener, water binder and stabilizer. — TIC Gums, (800) 899-3953, www.ticgums.com
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