Doha Revival

IDFA applauds proposed domestic subsidies cut.
The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), Washington, D.C., commended U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Portman’s offer in October to cut trade-distorting domestic farm subsidies by 60 percent, substantially reduce tariffs and eliminate export subsidies — all within a five-year period — in a proposal designed to reignite the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round negotiations.
Earlier in Zurich, Switzerland, Portman outlined his offer to trade and agriculture ministers from WTO member nations during a meeting that was called by the United States to discuss how to overcome problems that have stalled the Doha talks on agriculture. Farm subsidies are widely considered to be a major hurdle in obtaining a Doha Round agreement.
“USTR’s aggressive proposal is exactly what is needed to get the crucial WTO negotiations back on track,” says Clay Hough, IDFA senior vice president and general counsel. “This should prompt real movement during December’s Hong Kong WTO Ministerial. The Doha Round has the potential to have a deep impact on liberalizing agricultural trade, and we hope that other countries will reciprocate with meaningful market access commitments to keep the talks moving ahead.”
In fact, the U.S. proposal is contingent upon bold reforms from all WTO member countries. The United States is willing to slash its subsidies, but needs other nations to do the same. In particular, the United States wants the European Union and Japan to cut their farm payments by 80 percent since they subsidize more than the United States.
USTR’s proposal calls for reforms in two five-year stages. In the first five years, there would be substantial reductions of trade-distorting support measures and tariffs, along with the elimination of export subsidies. Specifically on market access, the United States is offering to cut tariffs by up to 90 percent and to limit remaining tariffs at 75 percent. The second stage would deliver the elimination of remaining trade-distorting policies in agriculture.
A long-standing proponent of liberalizing global trade, IDFA is deeply committed to improving international trade opportunities for dairy foods through bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, including the WTO Doha Round negotiations. The association will continue to support Portman and other federal officials in their efforts to move the WTO agricultural negotiations forward.
Source: IDFA
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Product and Promotion News
Norseland Inc., Stamford, Conn., exclusive importers of Jarlsberg, Jarlsberg Lite and other Norwegian Dairies cheeses as well as sales/marketing agent for Tholstrup USA’s Saga and Castello lines plus Boursin, is continuing to build on its long established support of UNICEF. During the traditionally busiest fourth quarter of 2005, 5 cents on each purchase of Jarlsberg/Jarlsberg Lite, Saga and Boursin products will be donated to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. A counter card noting the organization’s dedication to “Health, Education, Equality, Protection” will be prominently displayed in stores around the country. “It is a privilege to participate in this program once again,” says David Brohel, Norseland’s president and chief executive officer. “We are confident results will be gratifying, equal to or exceeding last year’s totals,”
Lincolnshire, Ill.-based Saputo Cheese USA Inc. is rolling out a convoy of 14 semi-trailer trucks emblazoned with giant, full-color images of Saputo cheese products. Each 48-foot trailer has 8-foot-tall side panels, making for some highly visible billboards on wheels. They will be crisscrossing the country, driving home the message that Saputo and Frigo Cheese Heads make the quality cheeses consumers want and deserve. One side of the trailers will feature the full line-up of Saputo Cheese Division USA brands, including Dragone, Frigo, Stella, Lorraine and Treasure Cave. The other side is dedicated to Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese and highlights this growing line of natural cheese snacks. This panel features impactful package images; Cheese Head; the brand’s animated spokesperson; and this call to action: “Bring home the 100% natural cheese snack!” Each side communicates the respective Web site address for more product information: and The back of each trailer completes the visual impact with a wall-to-wall image of a Frigo Cheese Heads package.
TCBY, Salt Lake City, has announced the winner of its Wish Come True Contest. Most people keep their wish a secret for fear of it not coming true. But for 21-year old Erin Moyer of Proctorville, Ohio, sharing her wish with TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt®, granted her a prize package that will help her get in the best shape of her life. “TCBY is my favorite frozen yogurt, so when I went in to get a treat, I entered the Wish Come True drawing — but I didn’t actually think I’d win,” says Moyer.  “I’m so excited that my wish became a reality, and I can’t wait to start using my gym and spa services! My wish really came true!” To celebrate the introduction of its new line of frozen yogurt cakes and Deep Dish pies made with 96 percent fat free frozen yogurt, TCBY’s “Wish Come True” contest asked consumers to share their wishes. Entrants were provided with four wishes from which to choose. Randomly selected from more than 11,000 entries nationwide, Moyer entered at a TCBY store in Huntington, W.Va., and chose the Wellness Wish. In addition to receiving a spa treatment, gym membership and nutritional consulting for an entire year, Moyer will also receive a free TCBY Frozen Yogurt Cake or Deep Dish Pie each month for the entire year.
New York-based International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) has announced its involvement in “Flavorologist for a Day,” a special event sponsored by Nestlé Ice Cream, part of the Dreyer’s/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream family of brands. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the frozen pop, Nestlé Ice Cream invited kids nationwide, ages 6 to 12, to dream up the world’s coolest frozen pop flavor. Working closely with Nestlé Ice Cream, IFF’s in-house team of flavorologists created the formulas for the 10 winning flavors. The flavorologists also developed eight wacky flavors of their own — like Cheeseburger and Ginger Bread Man — for the contest winners to sample when they visited the top secret flavor lab at the Nestlé Ice Cream factory October 21. “We wanted to work with IFF specifically because of the great work they do in consumer insight, especially their Eye On Kids™ program,” says Darcy Horn, associate marketing manager for Nestlé Kids Frozen Snacks. “They know kids better than anyone in the industry and their understanding of the way kids think made them natural partners for this cool contest.” IFF’s Eye On Kids is a program that connects in-house, specialized kids sensory research and consumer insights with kids market trends in every region of the world, making it a powerful resource for its internal and external customers.
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