Creators Briefs

Sweet Secrets
Reduced-sugar and no-sugar-added ice cream can taste as good as full-sugar ice cream.  The secret is the flavor and sweetness of maltitol combined with the stability of higher molecular weight polyols in Maltisweet™ IC, a specially formulated maltitol syrup SPI Polyols. Maltisweet IC can replace the sweetness, freezing performance, body/texture and shelf life of sucrose and corn syrup solids and works well to moderate the lingering aftertaste of high potency sweeteners if additional sweetness is needed. An independent study conducted by Penn State University comparing a lowfat, no-sugar-added ice cream formulated with Maltisweet IC with three leading lowfat, no-sugar-added ice cream brands, consumers preferred the ice cream containing Maltisweet IC over the others in terms of taste, texture and appearance. – SPI Polyols, (800) 789-8600,
LightShield for Milk
Wild Flavors has developed LightShield™, a patent-pending, ingredient-based technology that prevents the formation of off flavors in dairy products due to light exposure. Milk-based products are susceptible to off-flavor development when exposed to the ultraviolet or fluorescent light in store display cases. Off flavors can result from either a lipid oxidation or a riboflavin-catalyzed degradation of milk amino acids. LightShield™ technology utilizes FDA GRAS ingredients and can be used in both high and low acid products. Typical dairy product packaging, including translucent milk jugs, cardboard, and plastic/glass with shrink sleeves do little to keep out light and prevent the problem. LightShield™ offers flexibility over a protective packaging allowing manufacturers to use any form of packaging for their dairy-based products. – Wild Flavors, (888) WILD-Flavors,
Ice Cream Essentials
Danisco expands its offerings to the frozen dairy industry with several new coffee flavor ice cream concepts. Rich, authentic coffee flavors from a variety of beans such as Arabica and Robusta provide a great balance of taste in sweet, rich and creamy, textured ice cream. Flavors include Double Espresso Chocolate Thunder, French Vanilla Latte, Café Killarney with Irish Cream Variegate, Chocolate Hazelnut Cappuccino and Caramel Cappuccino Commotion. – Danisco Flavors, (800) 255-6837 ext. 2514,
Crispy Goodness
Fonterra Cooperative Group rolls out a range of natural dairy protein crisps with up to 80 percent dairy protein content. Dairy protein crisps are used to provide the nutritional benefits of dairy protein with improved mouthfeel and texture in a range of health-oriented consumer products. – Fonterra Cooperative Group,
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