Creators Briefs

Chocolate Cream Pie
Indulge every taste bud with Chocolate Cream Pie, Kerry Sweet’s newest frozen dessert flavor concept. Featuring whipped cream-flavored ice cream swirled with a chocolate pudding ribbon and graham pie crust pieces, this tasty frozen dessert creation could be the answer to your sweetest dreams. — Kerry Sweet Ingredients, (800) 255-6312,
Green Tea Extracts
Green tea is an emerging ingredient for use in healthy foods and beverages. New additions to Taiyo’s Sunphenon® line of green tea extracts includes its new green tea base and green tea beverage line-up Sunphenon 30S, Sunphenon 30LB, Sunphenon 30R and Sunphenon MK-1. These highly purified, standardized green tea catechins are used in antioxidant rich RTDs without the color or astringency typically associated with such extracts. Taiyo recently updated its Catechin rich nutritional Sunphenon line of standardized green tea extracts for use in antioxidant-based functional foods and beverages. These green tea catechins act as potent natural antioxidants and antimicrobial agents. Taiyo recently launched its standardized natural green tea caffeine extracts for energy and weight loss products. Available in both 20 percent and 40 percent caffeine, these extracts also contain high levels of standardized green tea catechins for supplements, beverages and foods targeting weight loss, sports activities and energy based concepts. — Taiyo International Inc., (763) 398-3003.
New Soluble Rice Proteins
A&B Ingredients introduces its new soluble rice proteins. Unlike many other protein sources, rice protein is hypoallergenic, highly digestible, and has a balanced nutritional profile. The amino acid profile of rice is closer than any other protein to mother’s milk, which is the ultimate in digestibility, nutrition and safety. The introduction of soluble rice protein makes it easy for formulators to fortify liquid food systems, such as breakfast or meal replacement drinks, powdered energy drinks or protein shake mixes, rice drinks, smoothies, or infant formulas. Soluble rice protein has no functionality, such as gelling, emulsifying or whipping, so it can be used without affecting the processing and/or structure of the end product. It is also non-GMO, stable during UHT and other heat treatments and blends easily with other proteins. — A&B Ingredients, (973) 227-1390,
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