Creators Briefs

Beyond Butter Pecan
Kerry Americas has introduced its newest frozen dessert flavor concept, Beyond Butter Pecan. Featuring a brown sugar and creamy butter cream swirl with oven-roasted pecans inside a home-style butter pecan ice cream base, Beyond Butter Pecan offers a flavor experience unparalleled by even the sweetest dreams. — Kerry Sweet Ingredients, (800) 255-6312,
Strawberry-Flavored Creations
Silcréme Whip Icing Strawberry from Elgin Dairy makes special occasions even more so. This non-dairy whip icing has a “fresh picked” strawberry flavor, silky texture and delicate, pink color that’s perfect for any dessert. Silcréme Whip Icing Strawberry provides superior hold for the most complex, decorated shape, allowing bakers to create beautiful, intricate designs. In only 6 to 8 minutes, Silcréme Whip Icing Strawberry is ready to use as a simple filling or decorative whip icing. Silcréme Whip Icing is shelf-stable for up to five days at room temperature on finished desserts, so you can take control of your preparation schedule and create the most elaborate cakes days in advance with complete confidence. Plus, Silcréme is perfect for creating smooth surfaces or elegant pipe effects and accents. — Elgin Dairy Foods Inc., (800) 786-9900,
Direct Vat Set
Chr. Hansen’s Fresco DVS® 1000 Culture Program, a line of direct vat-set cultures for cottage cheese, provide manufacturers improved performance, activity and production efficiency. The company’s dairy specialists developed the Fresco DVS 1000 Program using a combination of mesophilic and thermophilic cultures for greater phage resistance. Promoting a faster acidification, the cultures were designed to compete directly with bulk starter and are a significant improvement over traditional DVS cultures. The Fresco 1000 product line simplifies cottage cheese production by removing the bulk-starter step, thus eliminating starter media preparation, equipment, and maintenance and sanitation of the starter tanks. Without the bulk-starter step, exposure to bacteriophage during production is minimized, and one HACCP step in the production process is eliminated. The new Fresco products, consisting of five phage rotational cultures packaged in one-bag-per-vat pouches that set 1,000 gallons per pouch, provide consistent set times, quality curd texture, make procedures and cook times. — Chr. Hansen, (414) 607-5700,
Water-Soluble Gums
Methocel food gums are a family of water-soluble gums made from natural cellulose, the most abundant, renewable carbohydrate found in nature. They are inert, high-purity powders with no caloric value and are virtually colorless, odorless and tasteless in food formulations. For more than 50 years, Methocel gums have been used in a broad range of food products, serving as binders, emulsifiers, stabilizers, suspension agents, protective colloloids and thickeners. They also form films, contribute lubricity, retain moisture and provide freeze/thaw stability. Methocel gums are unique in their ability to thermally gel like egg whites, and this combination of properties is unique among food ingredients. Methocel gums are commonly used in chocolate milk, smoothies, puddings, frozen novelties, ice cream and cheese. — Dow Chemical Co.,
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