Creators Briefs

Prebiotic Boost
Litesse® polydextrose from Danisco Sweeteners has a sustained effect throughout the entire intestine and is well tolerated, making it one of the most effective prebiotics on the market. An effective prebiotic improves the digestion process by affecting positive changes in the intestinal microflora and by reducing pH. Litesse has a slower, sustained fermentation throughout the intestine from the proximal to the distal portion of the digestive tract. Unlike other prebiotics, Litesse is well tolerated and less likely to cause the lactic acid accumulation that can lead to gastric discomfort.
— Danisco Sweeteners, (800) 255-6837,

Natural Shades of Red
Chr. Hansen’s new range of natural reds, sold under the tradename ColorFruit™, show a significant improvement in stability to light and heat, characteristics current red colors don’t have. ColorFruit products are a blend of anthocyanins, or natural colors, derived from edible fruits and vegetables, and are available in four new shades of red, pink, violet and purple for use in beverages and other food products.
— Chr. Hansen Inc., (414) 607-5700,

New Flavor Systems
Symrise Flavor Division North America and SweetGredients (a joint venture of Arla Foods Ingredients and Nordzucker) have teamed to develop a new generation of flavors containing Gaio® tagatose, an innovative natural sweetener. Gaio tagatose is a functional sweetener with the physical bulk and sweetness of regular sugar. Because it is metabolized differently than sugar, it has a low caloric value. It acts like a fiber with prebiotic effects and has a minimal effect on blood glucose levels.
— Symrise, (914) 747-1400,

Functional Starch
National Starch Food Innovation unveils Novation® Prima, the next generation of functional native starches that deliver processing tolerance, along with superior freeze-thaw and shelf-life stability. The products carry a native starch label and meet “clean label” criteria.
— National Starch Food Innovation, (908) 685-5395,

Shocking Solution
Thanks to patent-pending technology, Danisco has made it possible to control heat shock — the most difficult problem for ice cream manufacturers to overcome. Years of research have resulted in Danisco’s Grindsted® IcePro, a unique stabilizer/emulsifier system capable of protecting ice cream through multiple heat-shock cycles. In research, ice cream produced with Grindsted IcePro stabilizers had ice crystal growth 37 to 57 percent smaller than ice cream produced with conventional stabilizers.
— Danisco USA Inc., (913) 764-8100,
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