Centrifugal Pump Line
Fristam’s new FPR series stainless-steel centrifugal pumps reduce maintenance time and effort. The front pull-out seal design allows production personnel to service them in place. Processors save time by changing seals without pulling the pump out of line. Additionally, no special tools are required for servicing. The FPR series reduces maintenance inventory, two seal sizes fit the entire line and FPR pumps have fewer parts allowing processors to stock fewer maintenance parts. Fully CIP-able, FPR’s design meets the most stringent sanitary standards. Its stainless-steel flange provides improved corrosion resistance and its fully balanced internal seal performs at virtually any pressure. Twenty models are available. — Fristam Pumps, 2410 Parview Road, Middleton, Wis., 53562, phone: (608) 831-5001 or (800) 841-5001, fax: (608) 831-8467, Web site: fristam.com
Compact Industrial Computer
Eurotherm introduces the OPtima Touch, a rugged, compact industrial computer combined with an integral LCD touch screen monitor. It is designed to serve as a general-purpose human-machine interface (HMI). To minimize setup time, the unit comes standard with the Windows® XP operating system and can be custom configured with several HMI software packages. The OPtima Touch is available with a 10.4- or 15-inch TFT flat-panel LCD and a continuous analog resistive touch screen. A fast response time is achieved with a powerful 1.3 GHMz Celeron® CPU, 512 MB RAM and a S3 ProSavage4 4xAGP 3D/2D video controller. — Eurotherm Inc., a unit of Invensys plc, 741-F Miller Drive, Leesburg, Va., 20175, phone: (703) 443-0000, fax: (703) 669-1300, Web site: www.eurotherm.com
Cost-Effective Plastic Pallets
Meet the demands of one-way shipping with the inexpensive, one-piece plastic pallet available from Nelson-Jameson Inc. Pallets are lightweight to reduce shipping costs and reinforced to allow support of heavy loads. Made of durable polymers that comply with international material-handling regulations, the pallets are resistant to infestation and absorption of contaminants, unlike wooden pallets. To save storage space, pallets are nestable and will not jam when stacked. Other features include a slip-resistant deck and four-way forklift entry. Pallets measure 48 by 40 by 5 inches and can support up to 3,000 pounds. — Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 E. Fifth St., P.O. Box 647, Marshfield, Wis., 54449, phone: (715) 387-1151, fax: (715)387-8746, Web site: www.nelsonjameson.com
Dry-Run Protection
The Seepex TSE protects against dry-run damage, the most common cause of progressive cavity pump failure. Friction between rotor and stator resulting from an unexpected loss of lubricating liquid can destroy a stator, resulting in unexpected production shutdowns and costly repairs. Intrinsically safe models are available for hazardous areas, as are models for 115 VAC, 230 VAC and 24 VDC control voltages. An adjustable set-point control unit (with isolated relay contacts) is integrated within the starter or VFD panel for the pump motor and is connected to the temperature sensor installed in the pump stator. The set-point temperature is adjustable. If the pump runs dry, the temperature rises due to increased friction between rotor and stator. Once the set point is reached, the TSE control unit can stop the pump drive and activate an alarm signal — Seepex Inc., 511 Speedway Drive, Enon, Ohio, 45323, phone: (937) 864-7150, fax: (937) 864-7157, e-mail: sales@seepex.net, Web site: www.seepex.com
ITW Inks
Providing a cost-effective ink alternative, Diagraph’s ITW Inks are formulated for use in Marsh inkjet printers. For selecting the appropriate ITW Ink, the company offers a reference guide for Marsh printers that provides an easy-to-understand cross-referencing tool for identifying the equivalent ITW part number. Offered are water-, alcohol- and solvent-based inks and cleaners, MEK inks and cleaners, high-resolution ink, ink cartridges and cleaners. ITW Inks can be used with the following Marsh equipment: Dli, ML8, ML4, Patrion Plus®, Marsh Encore® and Unicorn® inkjet printers. — Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works, 1 Missouri Research Park Drive, St. Charles, Mo., 63304-5685, phone: (800) 722-1125, fax: (636) 300-2004, e-mail: info@diagraph.com, Web site: www.diagraph.com
New Logistics Services
High Plains Freezer Services offers new technology that gets trucks with palletized loads turned around in an hour versus the two hours that trucking companies allow. This not only avoids detention charges but, in some cases, also provides rebates to shippers. Other new services include a consolidated pool program to Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and Utah for LTL shipments. — High Plains Freezer Services Inc., 575 Snowy Range Road, P.O. Box 1470, Laramie, Wyo., 82073, phone: (307) 742-6649, fax: (307) 742-4856, e-mail: info@highplainsfreezer.com, Web site: www.highplainsfreezer.com
Thermoformed Plastic
PBM Plastics’ Ultraware™ is an ultra-thin, ultra-heat-resistant thermoformed plastic suitable for a wide range of applications in food, medical and laboratory packaging. Ultraware is the result of the company’s Melt-Phase™ forming process, a patented technology that forms deep-draw and thin-wall at extremely high tolerances with virtually no molded-in stress. — PBM Plastics, 240 Enterprise Drive, Newport News, Va., 23603, phone: (757) 888-6800, fax: (757) 888-6373, Web site: www.pbmplastics.com
Convenience Opening Feature
Curwood’s IntegraScore® convenience opening feature can be combined with press-to-close or a slider zipper in horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal (HFFS/VFFS) applications to give consumers easy opening and resealable features in one package. The IntegraScore feature is achieved by applying a continuous, controlled score to a multi-layered film. Curwood’s proprietary system controls scoring to the proper layers, ensuring the barrier protection is not compromised, while providing the convenience of an easy-opening system. This controlled system even allows the feature to be applied to a forming web without compromising the barrier or strength needed during the F/F/S process. — Curwood Inc., P.O. Box 2968, Oshkosh, Wis., 54903, Web site: www.curwood.com
Modular Access Interlock
Fortress Interlocks has launched DM (Door Module), a modular access interlock suitable for use on all types of doors. The unit, part of Fortress’ new mGard range of modular interlocks, is available with a selection of robust stainless-steel actuators suitable for both hinged and sliding doors. The head features a choice of four rotation angles and two actuator entry points. DM is available as a single door lock or with up to ten multiple-access lock modules. Simple to configure, a system using DM can be expanded at any time with the addition of more modules or trimmed down using the surplus modules elsewhere. — Fortress Interlocks, 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky., 41018, phone: (859) 578-2390, fax: (859) 341-2302, e-mail: sales@fortressinterlocks.com, Web site: www.fortressinterlocks.com
Food Grade Lubricants
The Anderol® 6000 Food Grade Lubricant Series provides food processors with high-performance PAO-based products that ensure brand quality through enhanced equipment performance. Engineered by Anderol Inc., the 6000 series meets the food safety standards for H-1 “incidental contact” and FDA CFR 178.3570. These lubricants also meet the requirements for NSF, AQIS, Halal and Kosher certifications and can be used for an array of rotating equipment applications. — Anderol Inc., 215 Merry Lane, P.O. Box 518, East Hanover, N.J., 07936, phone: (973) 887-7410, (973) 887-6930, e-mail: info@anderol.com, Web site: www.anderol.com
Smart Label Printer-Applicator
Weber Marking Systems announces the availability of its exclusive Model 5200rfid smart label printer-applicator, a unit that makes it easy to print, encode, verify and apply pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to cartons and pallet loads in one operation. The system will help meet the emerging RFID labeling requirements of major retailers and government agencies. The Model 5200rfid offers a selection of print engines that utilize thermal/thermal-transfer technology to produce smart labels with text, bar codes and graphics at 203 dpi. As labels are printed, digital information instantly is encoded on thin, ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags that are embedded in the smart label material. — Weber Marking Systems Inc., 711 W. Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, Ill., 60005-4457, phone: (847) 364-8500,  fax: (847) 364-8575, e-mail: info@webermarking.com, Web site:  www.webermarking.com
Aseptic Stick-Pack Form/Fill/Seal Machine
Hassia offers the SAS 20/30 Aseptic Stick-Pack Form/Fill/Seal Machine to provide a new standard in shelf stability for tubular, flexible convenient packaging of food products. The SAS 20/30 is the first multi-lane machine to aseptically package low-acid food products to increase shelf life to one year without refrigeration. The machine meets all U.S. and international hygiene standards including the FDA’s CFR-21. The SAS 20/30 features an unmatched output performance due to its multi-lane system, producing up to 24,000 aseptic liquid stick packs per hour. The flexible design also enables the packaging of different substances or flavors simultaneously on one machine. — Hassia USA, 1210 Campus Drive West, Morganville, N.J., 07751-1262, phone: (732) 536-8770, fax: (732) 536-8850, Web site: www.hassiausa.com
Resealable Packaging Solutions
At Pack Expo in Chicago, November 7 to 11, Zip-Pak will showcase a wide range of new applications from around the world and, for the first time, demonstrate how these technologies are applied using groundbreaking new OEM solutions. Attendees can visit Zip-Pak at two booths, S-1819 and S-2009. — Zip-Pak, a division of ITW, 1800 Sycamore Road, Manteno, Ill., 60950, phone: (800) 488-6973
Repackaged Web Site
ThermoSafe Brands has launched an enhanced Web site featuring a comprehensive range of products as well as testing and qualification services from ISC Labs. At www.thermosafe.com, visitors can identify their applicable market and view more than 400 stock products specific to their temperature-assurance shipping needs. ThermoSafe Brands offers more than 180 stock sizes of ThermoSafe® expanded polystyrene insulated shippers (EPS), ThermoSafe® wine, cake and cheesecake shippers, polyurethane (PUR) insulated shipping containers, PolarPack® refrigerant gel packs and U-tek® phase change materials. Food-distribution market users will find EPS shippers and totes along with a comprehensive selection of polyethylene and fiberglass ThermoSafe® Durable Transport containers and ThermoSafe® Storage and Transport Chests ideal for transporting large payloads. ThermoSafe Brands, a leader in temperature assurance packaging solutions, is a division of SCA Packaging North America. — SCA Packaging North America, ThermoSafe Brands, 3930 Ventura Drive, Suite 450, Arlington Heights, Ill., 60004, phone: (847) 398-0110, fax: (847) 398-0653, Web site: www.scanorthamerica.com
Digital Motion Control System
B&H Labeling Systems will introduce its expanded Marathon family of roll-fed labelers at Pack Expo booth S-1613. The Marathon labelers feature SMARTdrive™, a digitally-based motion control system that uses multi-axis, independent servomotors that communicate on a high-speed communication bus. Eliminating the gears, belts and chains found on traditional labeling systems, Marathon improves labeling accuracy over the lifecycle of the machine and increases production throughput with superior system reliability and faster changeovers. — B&H Labeling Systems, 3461 Roeding Road, Box 247, Ceres, Calif., 95307-9442, phone: (209) 537-5785, fax: (209) 537-6854, Web site: www.bhlabeling.com
Custom Valve Actuation
Bradford announces in-house custom valve actuation to meet the demanding process requirements of food, dairy, pharmaceutical and beverage plants. Bradford can build custom configurations to meet precise customer specifications. Valve automation is completed in-house for quick delivery and quality control. Most products are shipped the same day. As part of its offering, Bradford actuators possess field-rated performance characteristics. The aluminum rack and pinion actuators provide a double-stroke adjustment of ±5 degrees and are available in quarter-turn and special 180 degree units. Rack-and-pinion actuators can be mounted on all Bradford valves. Stainless-steel rack-and-pinion actuators are also available for use in highly corrosive processing environments. Vertical stainless-steel actuators are offered in double-acting and spring return for use on all Bradford butterfly valves. Electric actuators are available with many options and are likewise mountable on all Bradford valves. — Bradford, 4465-A N. 124th St., Brookfield, Wis., 53005-2537, phone: (262) 790-0101, fax: (262) 790-1046, Web site: www.bradfordfittings.com
Case Sealer
The newly designed OK Supertaper 1A Case Sealer folds the top case flaps and closes them with tape. Unique features of the machine include a stainless-steel exterior finish, fully interlocked guarding, heavy duty, resilient side belts, in-feed gate and tape monitoring. A great machine to end sealing in packaging lines, the O/K Supertaper 1A is equipped with Allan Bradley controls. — O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site: www.okcorp.com
Rapid Test
BioControl Systems’ new rapid test is a cost-effective and precise method for measuring sanitizer and cleanser solution concentrations. An industry first, the Lightning MVP Conductivity Probe is a reusable probe that allows food processors to measure sanitizer concentration and conductivity with the same instrument they use to measure ATP, pH and temperature. This addition to the Lightning MVP system will allow food manufacturing plants to reduce sanitizer and cleanser cost by up to 20 percent through increased accuracy versus current test methods. — BioControl Systems Inc., 12822 S.E. 32nd St., Bellevue, Wash., 98005, phone: (425) 603-1123, fax: (425)-603-0070
Free Customized Trials
IRM Corp. is offering free customized trials of its flagship product Sales Discovery System. Sales Discovery is a powerful reporting and analytics tool deployed to more than 2,000 users at food and beverage manufacturers, brokerages and distributors across North America. The system allows companies to stay competitive by giving field-sales users easy and portable access to data for fast, comprehensive and completely paperless sales analysis and reporting. — IRM Corp., 14901 Quorum Drive, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas, 75254
X-Ray Inspection Unit
Loma Systems introduces a new entry-level X-ray inspection unit suited for smaller products. Now for the first time, packagers can enter the market at a 50 percent price reduction over traditional X-ray units. This enables those with smaller product profiles to take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology at a more budget-friendly, entry-level cost. The Sentry XR is being sold under the Cintex brand and marketed in North and South America by Loma Systems. Ideal applications for the Sentry XR include smaller profile products in high-speed applications. — Loma Systems Inc., 283 E. Lies Road, Carol Stream, Ill., 60188, phone: (630) 681-2050, fax: (630) 588-1394
Chilling/Heating Mini-Circulator
Torrey Pines Scientific’s EchoTherm™ Model CB20 Constant Temperature Chilling/Heating Mini-Circulator is for use with small-volume sample holders such as water-jacketed cuvettes for spectrophotometers and electrophoresis baths. The unit is Peltier based for heating and chilling and requires no compressors or CFCs. It’s lightweight, compact and takes very little bench space. — Torrey Pines Scientific Inc., La Costa Meadows Drive #105/106, San Marcos, Calif., 92069, phone: (760) 471-9100, fax: (760) 471-9310, e-mail: info@torreypinesscientific.com, Web site: www.torreypinesscientific.com
Online Services for Packaging Equipment
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc., supplier of end-of-line solutions for case-packing and palletizing needs, has developed online information-based engineering technologies (IBET) for packaging machine customers. The IBET CD/DVD gives customers a complete snapshot of Schneider machinery and its components at the time of installation (or purchased as a yearly subscription, the customer receives updates on any modifications). IBET gives customers 24/7 access to technical specs for their specific Schneider machinery — including all OEM components — and directly links customers to an online parts-ordering system. — Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., P.O. Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Road, Brewerton, N.Y., 13029, phone: (315) 676-3035, fax: (315) 676-2875
Triple-Sealed Gasket
There are many stops and door openings during a daily refrigerated delivery route, and often a low-pressure situation inside the truck body can frequently “suck,” or pull the outside elements past traditional door seals and into the body. Now standard on all Johnson refrigerated truck bodies, the TripleSeal™ gasket is extremely effective in solving a special door-opening problem when there is a warm, humid ambient outdoor atmosphere, and a driving rain combined with a dry/very cold or frozen environment inside the truck body. With the TripleSeal gasket, the potential for heat and moisture to enter the body is reduced, significantly improving thermal efficiency. — Johnson Truck Bodies, a Carlisle Company, 215 E. Allen St., Rice Lake, Wis., 54868, phone: (715) 234-7071 or (800) 922-8360, fax: (715) 234-4628, Web site: www.johnsontruckbodies.com
Food Safety Source
Food packagers now have a dedicated resource offering strategies for achieving hygienic packaging environments. Multivac, a leading manufacturer of thermoform fill-seal rollstock traysealer and vacuum chamber packaging systems, now offers a Food Safety Web site to educate visitors on proper equipment specifications to maximize food plant sanitation initiatives. The resource can be found at www.multivac.com/foodsafety. The site offers free insights on washdown-friendly design initiatives and information on industry standards — from AMI, USDA and Dairy 3-A — used in designing new packaging equipment. — Multivac Inc., 11021 N.W. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 64153, phone: (816) 891-0555, fax: (816) 891-0622, Web site: www.multivac.com
Truck Management Software
Designed specifically for tracking warehouse lift trucks and related equipment, ProFleet software was developed “by lift truck people for lift truck people.” The software is meant for warehouse maintenance managers, operation managers and anyone else who wants to track and reduce overall fleet costs. It is designed to help reduce operating costs by tracking spending. ProFleet captures parts and labor costs by truck and generates easy-to-use truck utilization, cost per hour, and scheduled maintenance reports. All data entered in ProFleet resides in management Access files that allow for unlimited user-defined queries. It’s easy to use and installs on any Windows 2000 or XP-based personal computer. — The Raymond Corp., P.O. Box 130, Greene, N.Y., 13778-0130, phone: (800) 235-7200, Web site: www.raymondcorp.com.
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