USDA/3-A Dairy certified Vffs System
CMD Packaging Systems specializes in stainless-steel wash-down equipment, designed for the specific needs of cheese packagers. The CMD USDA/3-A Dairy certified ICONTM is one of the few VFFS systems that passes rigorous federal inspection procedures. The decision to complete the federal inspection procedures was prompted by the needs of many of CMD's clients, whose operations required USDA/3-A Dairy-approved machinery, particularly food and dairy manufacturers. The risks to manufacturers and food processors of not using certified machinery could be expensive. With the USDA/3-A Dairy certification, CMD offers turnkey certified solutions. The compact, robust line of CMD Packaging Systems machines is engineered for the rigors of continuous operation required by food and dairy manufacturing. The ICON's economical footprint saves on floor space and is built for continuous operation. A competitive price, combined with superior engineering and off-the-shelf components make the ICON a great choice for today's demanding packaging environments. — CMD Corp., 2901 E. Pershing St., Appleton, Wis., 54911, phone: (920) 380-8239, fax: (920) 730-6880, Web site:
Lab Scale Homogenizers
Homogenizers used in laboratories must be flexible, and APV’s 15MR and 31MR Lab Scale Homogenizers are designed to process emulsion products in the dairy and food industries. A special dampener assembly has controlled gauge fluctuations, usually associated with single-plunger pumps. The motor, through a gear-reduction unit, turns an eccentric shaft, which causes the plunger to reciprocate. The product being processed is drawn from the supply tank through a pump valve and into the pumping chamber and then forced through the homogenizing valve on the pressure stroke of the pump. Homogenizing pressure is controlled by a hand wheel, which controls the gap between the homogenizing valve and seat. The product is discharged through the three-way valve for sample collection or re-circulation back to the supply tank. The lab scale 15MR and 31MR homogenizers can be supplied with a single-stage homogenizing valve assembly for dispersions and cell disruption, or a two-stage valve assembly, which is preferable for emulsions. Tungsten-cobalt alloy is standard for homogenizing valves, seats and impact rings and suitable for emulsions and dispersions. For abrasive applications, a special tungsten carbide material is also available. Both models are available in versions that can accommodate complete wash down or sterile environments. — Invensys/APV, 100 S. CP Ave., Lake Mills, Wis., 53551, phone: (920) 648-1512, Web site:
Shrink Bundler
American Packaging Machinery has introduced a fully automatic shrink bundler that accepts randomly sized products, centers them at the delivery station as they pass through the film web, and sleeve wraps the multi-pack resulting in an attractive, tightly shrunk finished package. This design allows the customer to use one shrink wrapper for two production lines saving space, materials and capital equipment purchases. — American Packaging Machinery, 2210 Tech Court, Woodstock, Ill., 60098, phone: (815) 337-8580, fax: (815) 337-8583
Dual-Technology Bar Coding
Diagraph offers a dual-technology product identification solution that allows customers to enjoy the double benefits of 100 percent ANSI verifiable bar codes on their shipping cases and cost savings compared to other common marking and coding methods. This solution uses existing Diagraph coding and labeling systems to address a common challenge for shippers: providing customers with verifiable ANSI Grade C or better bar codes while economizing on less demanding human-readable descriptions and codes. The dual-technology solution combines printing technologies, designed to provide maximum performance at an economical price. The IJ3000 controller allows users the flexibility of driving multiple printing technologies including Integrated Valve print heads, Impulse Jet high-resolution print heads and the PA/5000LT Label Printer/Applicator. Using the Diagraph dual technology solution, shippers can finally count on bar-code compliance. — Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works, 1 Missouri Research Park Drive, St. Charles, Mo., 63304-5685, phone: (800) 722-1125, fax: (636) 300-2004, e-mail:, Web site:
Bottle Uncaser
Packagers that buy bottles or containers in reshipper cases can achieve high speeds and quick changeovers to unload a full range of glass or plastic containers, round or non-round, with the Model 156 decaser from A-B-C Packaging. The Model 156 is a 3-in-1 machine that functions as a flap opener/positioner, unpacker and bottle “single filer.” In continuous, high-speed motion, the unit opens the case flaps, unloads and single-files containers and “uprights” the empty cases for conveying to case packing at speeds to 50 cases per minute. Full-flap control is also available for packagers who wish to eliminate the need for a flap positioner before the case packer. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla., 34689, phone: (800) 237-5975, fax: (727) 938-1239, Web site:
Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaners
Gamajet Cleaning Systems now brings significant time, labor and water savings to companies utilizing all types of spray drying equipment. Placed only once within the dome, bustle or cone of most large spray drying units, Gamajet cleaning machines provide cleaning power without the need for multiple cleaning insertions. Within the unit, the Gamajet provides 100 percent cleaning in as little as 10 minutes. Low flow rates save on water usage, and a high-powered 360-degree cleaning pattern ensures thorough cleaning. Currently being utilized in the dairy industry in powdered milk spray dryers, Gamajet machines are cutting cleaning times and eliminating the labor-intensive task of multiple cleaning insertions. — Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc., Box 626, Devault, Pa., 19432, phone: (877) 426-2538, fax: (610) 408-9945, e-mail:, Web site:
Revolutionary Microbiological Testing
The Cogent Microbial Luminescence System (MLS) from Biotrace International is revolutionizing the microbiological testing of UHT and ESL products in the dairy industry. Suitable for demanding bioluminescence requirements, the Cogent MLS comprises a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer with a powerful software package to deliver high levels of precision, sensitivity, flexibility and reliability. The size of a desktop computer, the system is designed to minimize the number of moving parts to reduce interfering static build-up and deliver a problem-free performance over the life span of the instrument. Indiana-based Wayne Dairy uses rapid ATP-bioluminescence for all its ESL product testing. The company switched to this method of sterility failure detection in dairy samples, as traditional agar-based methods were taking between three to five days for product clearance. The Cogent system provides reliable results at least 48 hours faster than traditional culture methods. — Biotrace International, The Science Park, Bridgend, CF31 3NA, United Kingdom, e-mail:, Web site:
Plastic Closure
Alcoa Closure Systems International (CSI) has expanded its presence in the fluid milk closure market with its new Seal-MAX‘ 38mm screw-on/screw-off closure. This closure was designed to prevent leakage in milk containers, yet is easy to open and offers improved tamper evidence. The closure’s robust molded-in liner provides a tight seal even when there are minor imperfections in the bottle finish. In addition, the Seal-MAX closure features Alcoa’s patented Extra-Lok‘ tamper band, which provides superior, consistent tamper evidence. Alcoa’s Seal-MAX closure is designed for single-serve to gallon-size HDPE and PET containers, and is available in a variety of colors. — Alcoa Closure Systems International, 6625 Network Way, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Ind., 46278, phone: (317) 390-5000, fax: (317) 390-5137, Web site:
Glass Door Freezer
Master-Bilt has added a new full-length glass door freezer series to its extensive line of bottom-mounted, glass-door merchandisers. The new BGF-23 features a full-length glass door that allows store patrons a clearer view of the product inside. Combined with moveable shelving to provide customized display solutions and sturdy casters for flexibility in point-of-purchase displays, the BGF-23 is designed with a lighted promotional graphic panel for added marketing options. The new series will be on display at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 22 to 25 in Chicago. — Master-Bilt, 908 Highway 15 North, New Albany, Miss., 38652, phone: (662) 534-9061 or (800) 647-1284, fax: (662) 534-6049 or (800) 232-3966, Web site:
Multi-Position Weigh Filling
Heat and Control’s Product Transfer Shuttle delivers accurately weighed portions of shredded cheese from an Ishida multi-head weigher to multiple fill positions on intermittent motion packaging equipment, including horizontal thermoformers and tray/cartoning lines. Change parts easily convert the shuttle to handle different pocket configurations for different package sizes, while servo motor, stepper motor or pneumatic drive options suit any application or budget requirement. No-tools removal of product contact parts simplifies changeover and cleaning. — Heat and Control Inc., 21121 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, Calif., 94545, phone: (510) 259-0500, fax: (510) 259-0600
Bulk Bag Filler
An all-new bulk bag filler from Flexicon Corp. features a pivot-down fill head that enables the operator to connect empty bags at floor level and resume filling operations in less than one minute. This eliminates the need to climb steps, strain to reach overhead connection points or risk injury associated with operation of conventional bulk bag fillers. The Swing-Down™ bulk bag filler simultaneously lowers and pivots the fill head, stopping it in a vertically oriented position that places the bag inlet spout inflatable connection, inflator button and four bag loop latches within one arm’s length of an operator standing on the plant floor. — Flexicon Corp., 2400 Emrick Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa., 18020-8006, phone: (610) 814-2400, fax: (610) 814-0600, Web site:
Case Erector
O/K International’s worldwide design group brings sleek European design to the U.S. market. The newly designed OK Superformer meets tough flexibility requirements with a simple and easy-to-use case erector. Erecting up to 18 cases per minute, the OK Superformer increases production efficiency, flexibility and reliability. — O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site:
Vertical Offset Conveyors
SpanTech LLC has introduced the VO-Series Vertical Offset Conveyor as part of its WhisperTrax™ Modular Flexible Conveyor line. The conveyor allows users to orient product horizontally at the beginning and end of the conveyor, before and after elevation. Product is transported on a continuous chain with no transfer needed between the horizontal and vertical sections. The angles of both vertical curves can be specified for various needs. In addition, users can select the length of the straight center section for maximum design flexibility. The VO-Series Vertical Offset Conveyor is available in both epoxy powder-coated paint and stainless steel. — SpanTech LLC, 1115 Cleveland Ave., Glasgow, Ky., 42141, phone: (270) 651-9166, fax: (270) 651-3929, e-mail:
Tubular Heat
Exchangers Brochure
Alfa Laval has released a new four-color, six-page brochure on its ViscoLine™ series of tubular heat exchangers for viscous products. The brochure describes six tubular heat exchanger models that can be used for heating, cooling, pasteurization, UHT treatment and regeneration. ViscoLine tubular heat exchangers incorporate corrugated tubes or other advanced profiles designed to increase the turbulence in the flow of the liquid. This substantially increases the overall heat-transfer coefficient. — Alfa Laval Inc., 5400 International Trade Drive, Richmond, Va., 23231, phone: (804) 236-1298, Web site:
Digital Servo Drive
Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000 digital servo drive. The expanded power ranges allow machine builders and end users to apply Kinetix 6000 servo drives with new power ranges from 1 kW to 11 kW (230V) and 2 kW to 22 kW (460V). The drive can be used for applications including packaging, material handling and converting. Features of the drive include New Line Interface Modules, which extend the power range of the control panel, a Power Rail, which simplifies the mounting and wiring of a servo system, and a Resistive Brake Module that provides electrical separation between a drive and motor. The additional Feedback-Only Axis provides support for two feedback devices on each Kinetix 6000 integrated axis module or axis module. — Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Ave. S., Bloomington, Minn., 55438, phone: (800) 223-5354
PET Flange
FCI has developed an anti-rotation flange to replace the round flange used on PET bottles. The flange incorporates flats into the flange ring while maintaining the same outside diameter, and the ring fits into mating segments on the capper star to stop the bottles from spinning during cap application. The new design is said to eliminate the use of traditional sharp knife points. — FCI Inc., 4661 Giles Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135-3756, phone: (800) 321-1032, Web site:
New Display
Foxboro Automation Systems, a division of Invensys, has enhanced the human machine interface capabilities of the company’s flagship I/A Series automation system with new flat-screen liquid crystal display monitor options. This includes a new touch-screen option for Foxboro’s high-performance 20-inch LCD monitor. Compared to conventional CRT technology, LCD displays can require a smaller footprint in control rooms and do not emit electromagnetic interference. — Invensys Process Systems, 33 Commercial St., Foxboro, Mass., 02035, phone: (866)746-6477, Web site: www.
Mobile Communication
Symbol Technologies Inc. has introduced two mobile computing products. The Symbol MC9000-S and MC9000-K are designed to capture, move and manage information, and improve asset utilization in the transportation, route accounting/direct store delivery, field service and field sales market segments. The new industrial mobile computers can be used for mobile applications supported by indoor Wi-Fi and outdoor wide-area wireless networks. The Symbol MC9000-S offers a compact, slimmer format than the previously introduced MC9000-G, and the MC9000-K provides a full-sized keypad format. The Symbol MC9000 family enables customers to deploy and manage multiple applications and train their mobile workforces across an entire enterprise supply chain using a single mobile computing platform. — Symbol Technologies Inc., 1 Symbol Plaza, Holtsville, N.Y., 11742-1300, phone: (800) 722-6234, Web site:
Low-Emission Forklifts
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced 3,000- to 7,000-pound capacity pneumatic tire forklifts that meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for reducing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide emissions. The lifts feature even- changing LP tanks with an optional swing-down bracket. The N-Generation models have truck and fuel management systems that automate a wide range of functions, according to the company. The new Envir02 engines exceed 2004 U.S. EPA emissions standards, and all engines are covered by a two-year/4,000-hour limited warranty. — Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, 2121 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Houston, Texas, 77043, (888) MIT-LIFT, Web site: www.
Wireless Addition
LXE Inc. has announced the MX3X is available as part of its family of Windows CE.NET/Intel X-Scale-based rugged wireless computers. The horizontal half-screen computer offers a easy-in/easy-out vehicle mounting system, which allows the MX3X to be used as a vehicle-mounted or handheld computer. — LXE Inc., 125 Technology Parkway, Norcross, Ga., 30092, phone: (770) 729-6643, Web site:
With its CE.NET operating system, customers have built-in access to Microsoft's .NET Compact framework. LXE also has added standard, long and advanced long-range integrated scanning options to its MX6 handheld computer, as well as Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. In addition to four integrated scanning options, the MX3X features an area imager, a full alphanumeric keypad and an oversized, color, 1/4-VGA display with touchscreen.
Protection Seals
SKF Motion Technologies has introduced Nilos-Ring steel disk seals to protect grease-lubricated roller bearings in applications where wash-down or regular exposure to liquids may be required. The disk seal design incorporates a Viton gasket, which enhances sealing performance when liquids are in permanent contact with bearings. The all-metal non-contact labyrinth rings are ready-to-install and compact, and feature a 4 mm-high profile. Manufactured from stainless steel, these seals are available in a wide range of sizes. — SKF Motion Technologies, 1530 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, Pa., 18017-2266, phone: (610) 861-3712, Web site:
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