Creators Briefs

Rotating Laboratory Mixer
A high-capacity variable-speed rotating mixer can mix 50 0.5-milliliter centrifuge tubes with snap-on caps or screw-down caps in an end-over-end motion at speeds from 4 to 40 rpm. Accessory sample holders for 16 15-milliliter or six 50-milliliter horizontally rotated centrifuge tubes also are available. The rotator operates from a wall-mounted 12-volt DC universal power supply. — Torrey Pines Scientific Inc., (760) 471-9100,
Chocolate Flavor on Demand
White, milk and dark chocolate flavorings are microencapsulated within an invisible microfilm of vegetable oil and converted into a free-flowing powder that can be mixed easily with other ingredients. Manufacturers can inject the flavors into cheesecakes, mousses, custards and other products without losing flavor along the way. The highly concentrated flavorings can be “programmed” to release during processing, cooking or eating. — TasteTech Ltd., +44 (0) 117 971 2719,
Cut Calories, Not Taste
All-natural and non-caloric Eridex™ erythritol gives dairy products a sweet taste similar to sugar while improving flavor, digestibility and texture. The product works well in ice creams and yogurts, supporting fat-replacement strategies and allowing lower-caloric profiles. It functions as a freezing-point depressant in frozen desserts. — Cargill Food and Pharma Specialties, a business unit of Cargill Inc., (877) 650-7080,
A Sweet Solution
Ideal for no-sugar-added ice cream formulations, Maltisweet™ IC maltitol syrup is 90 percent as sweet as sucrose and can be used as a direct replacement for it without adjusting the formulation or manufacturing parameters. The freezing point and shelf life are equivalent to full-sugar ice creams. The Penn State Creamery recently used the syrup to manufacture “excellent-quality” vanilla and chocolate ice creams contain­ing 3 grams and 2 grams of net impact carbs, respectively. — SPI Polyols Inc., (302) 576-8554,
Smooth and Functional
SBIFIDUS® yogurt culture systems and Leci-Choline™ phosphatidylcholine (choline) combine to help processors create functional lowfat yogurt smoothies. A wide range of cultures — including bifidobacteria lactis, L. acidophilus, L. casei and L. rhamnosus probiotic strains — is offered, and custom blends are available. Leci-Choline provides a simple, cost-effective means to add choline to a yogurt formula. Choline is essential for normal liver function and overall good health, and the FDA has approved food labeling to reflect choline content.— Business Line BioActives, Degussa Food Ingredients US LLC, (800) 654-2396,
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