NutraGenesis has reformulated Wellberry, its advanced, patent-pending, GRAS affirmed functional superfruit ingredient. New and improved Wellberry is a novel combination of superior, proprietary forms of two of nature's most power-packed antioxidants - a multi-patented extract of the renowned Ayurvedic superfruit, Indian Gooseberry (also known as Amla), and a new, highly effective form of Vitamin C called Transport C-Plus. Wellberry features high antioxidant levels, scientifically validated human health benefits and substantiated structure/function claims in a diverse range of categories including: antioxidant, anti-aging, immune support and cellular protection. The new and improved version of Wellberry now possesses an ORAC of 2895 umole TE/g which is more than twice the level of ascorbic acid and other standard Vitamin C ingredients.
Indian Gooseberry has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years and is considered Ayurveda's foremost restorative, rejuvenative tonic. Its superior antioxidant properties are derived from powerful, low molecular weight hydrolysable tannin polyphenols that are extracted and concentrated in the patented Indian Gooseberry extract used to make Wellberry. These unique bioactives possess a recycling mechanism which provides long last antioxidant activity, unlike most antioxidants which quickly lose their effectiveness. Indian Gooseberry's adaptogenic properties help balance bodily functions and enhance Wellberry's wellness profile beyond the standard benefits provided by other antioxidants.
Wellberry also contains Transport C-Plus, the new Gold Standard of Vitamin C ingredients. Transport C-Plus is a superior form of Vitamin C because its multi-patented formulation contains a unique blend of buffered Vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid, itself, provides powerful antioxidant protection. Studies have shown that it also regenerates Vitamin C and prevents premature degradation to increase the bioavailability and effectives of Vitamin C in cells. Transport C-Plus provides enhanced antioxidant activity without causing stomach upset and diarrhea, adverse effects that are often observed with other forms of Vitamin C.
"Wellberry is now even more competitive in the superfruit category based on its combination of high antioxidant value, proven health benefits, and substantiated structure/function claims,î says Peter McNeary, CEO of NutraGenesis, LLC. Michael Jeffers, President of Helios CORP, the developer ofTransport C-Plus, indicated, "we remain enthusiastic and excited with the NutraGenesis science team in developing one of the most powerful superfruit ingredients available in the US market today.