“Be Fit - Extracts for Body & Brain,” the new product concept unveiled in Europe at Health Ingredients 2010 by the Martin Bauer Group through its Plantextrakt business unit, provides new formulations and ingredients based on the performance-enhancing properties of natural tea and herbal extracts to boost both mental and physical performance. And now this all-natural concept is being introduced in the U.S. by Martin Bauer Inc., the U.S. office of the Martin Bauer Group.
More and more consumers are demanding foods that incorporate functional benefits from natural ingredients. Natural tea and herbal extracts are ideal providers of energy, vitality and strength, both mental and physical. Using these extracts, Martin Bauer has created invigorating and stimulating foods within the Be Fit concept that contain only natural ingredients.
Moreover, in response to the diverse health needs of consumers, Martin Bauer has structured its Be Fit concept to focus the most appropriate natural ingredients on one of three health categories:
Energy: Extracts used in this sector of the Be Fit concept include green maté, guarana and cola nuts, all of which take effect very quickly without the need for additional caffeine or artificial energy boosters. Using these ingredients to develop “energy shots” provides the ideal vehicle for delivering highly stimulating power in a short period of time. One example of a completely natural energy shot formulated by Martin Bauer is made from a strong Darjeeling tea infusion and pineapple juice concentrate. It has the stimulating effect of two cups of strong black tea.
Body Vitality: Extracts supporting physical performance and vitality come from fruits and herbs such as baobab, acerola, damiana and rhodiola, and include fibers, vitamin C, natural caffeine, polyphenols, and other active principals. As such, these extracts contribute significantly towards ensuring that the body continues to function properly in its capacity as an optimum energy supply source.
Brain: Independent scientific studies commissioned by Martin Bauer have demonstrated the positive functional value of ginkgo, ginseng and green tea extracts on mental performance and cognitive abilities – they promote a sense of well-being and help heighten alertness. At Health Ingredients 2010, Martin Bauer showcased a green tea “brain drink” very rich in the polyphenolic compound theogallin, whose consumption has been demonstrated though numerous human studies to improve cognitive function.
To ensure that the taste experiences provided by premium tea and herbal beverages within the Be Fit concept are natural and authentic, the Plantextrakt business unit has developed a new production process that delivers a strong tea or herbal infusion (liquid) in an aseptic package. Health- and taste-conscious consumers will appreciate premium end products that are fresh, all-natural, authentic-tasting – and ready to drink.

Martin Bauer