New Videojet series provides coding and marking solutions for a U.K. dairy’s state-of-the-art facility.

NOM Dairy UK produces yogurt and yogurt drinks out of its state-of-the-art Shropshire dairy, which opened in June 2009. The 24-acre site is designed to be the most energy efficient dairy in the United Kingdom, and therefore required a coding partner that could work to their environmental goals.

After experiencing severe problems with their existing inkjet coders, NOM searched for a better product on the market. Videojet Technologies Inc., located in Wood Dale, Ill., received the opportunity to trial its 1510 continuous inkjet printer.

The main problems NOM suffered with the existing equipment were extensive downtime and mixing up the wrong inks in the unit, said Mick St John, head of engineering.

“Coding was always in our daily top five on-site issues prior to swapping the competitor machines for Videojet 1510's. Our engineers were spending a large proportion of their time trying to make them work,” he said.

Following extensive trials and evaluations of both pieces of equipment, Videojet came out on top replacing 11 competitor inkjet printers. With production demands rising, forcing NOM to a six to seven day production from four to five days, downtime was not an option. The Videojet 1510 has helped them increase productivity.

“The simplicity of the 1510, combined with the low maintenance and operator friendliness made this machine the better product,” St John said.

Videojet's 1510 removed any operator error with its 'smart cartridge' fluid system. By reading the embedded microchip, the printer identifies whether compatible fluid has been installed to prevent errors in ink types or switching make-up and ink fluids. Saving time and money, the Smart Cartridge fluid system is designed to drain completely, wasting no residual fluids. The needle-and-septum design eliminates the need for operators to pour ink, preventing fluid spillage and waste, as well as saving time.

The 1510 integrated smoothly with NOM's existing Claricom networking software and worked together to produce a 90-degree angle print head, which was a first for the 1510 and has been a model for future similar applications.

Videojet not only provided a better product, St John said, but also provided a sound level of service.

“We also received a very good level of support and service from Videojet,” he added.