What are the MilkPEP Awards?

The MilkPEP Awards, also known as the Peppies, honor dairy “rock stars” directly engaged in daily customer contact who amp up milk sales using MilkPEP programs and promotional materials. Whether at retail, in schools or with local marketing activities - a good MilkPEP story could win you a Peppy and put you on stage at the House of Blues in Cleveland. Winners will be chosen in each category, and one Grand Peppy winner will star in a Milk Mustache trade ad.


Why should you enter the MilkPEP Awards?

-          Recognition of your efforts in using MilkPEP programs

-          Opportunity to showcase your creativity

-          Competition with company and industry peers to win the Grand Peppy

-          The chance to star in your very own Milk Mustache Ad!


Who can enter?

Dairy sales and marketing representatives who work for milk processor companies and DMI state and region representatives.


What programs or promotions are eligible?

To be eligible for entry, programs must have been implemented between June 2008 and June 2009.


What are the criteria for judging?

-          Use of MilkPEP materials and programs

-          Creative enhancement of MilkPEP materials and programs

-          Positive results

A panel of judges will determine winners based on these categories. The decision of the judges is final.


When will you know if you are a finalist?

Finalists will be notified by mail in early July. You will be notified if you are a finalist, but awards and award levels will not be announced until the MilkPEP Awards dinner Aug. 5 at the annual National Dairy Sales and Marketing meeting.


When and where

The MilkPEP Awards will be presented at a special recognition dinner at the House of Blues during the 2009 National Dairy Sales & Marketing Meeting in Cleveland.


Download a PDF of the 2009 MilkPEP Awards Entry Brochure.

Download a fillable PDF Entry Form. You can print this form or type directly on the form using your Adobe PDF Reader.