Dairy Foods and the American Dairy Products Institute announce a new award honoring dairy processors for innovative products, manufacturing processes, research and development efforts, or marketing programs.

The Breakthrough Award for Dairy Ingredient Innovation will honor achievements by dairy processing members of the American Dairy Products Institute. Dairy Foods and ADPI are soliciting entries in four categories:
•         Innovative milk-derived or whey-derived dairy ingredient products
•         Innovative processing or packaging of dairy ingredients
•         Innovative breakthroughs in R&D or quality assurance of dairy ingredients
•         Innovative marketing of a dairy ingredient

Judging will be done by individuals representing Dairy Foods and the American Dairy Products Institute. They will select one entry to receive the Breakthrough Award. Dairy Foods will present the award at the April 2017 membership meeting of the ADPI. Entry deadline is Feb. 28, 2017. Articles about the winner will appear in the magazine, on dairyfoods.com and in ADPI publications.

Dairy Foods Editor-in-chief Jim Carper said, “We are delighted to partner with ADPI on this new awards program to honor dairy processors for their creative solutions in research, manufacturing and marketing.”

 “ADPI is proud to join with Dairy Foods in introducing this new award that is designed to recognize the extraordinary and innovative efforts of our members as they continue to increase the world-wide use of dairy ingredients,” said David L. Thomas, chief executive officer of ADPI.

To submit an entry, go to www.dairyfoods.com/ADPI-Breakthrough-Award

About the American Dairy Products Institute
Based in Elmhurst, Ill.,  ADPI is a trade association representing the dairy ingredient industry. Its members manufacture and market the majority of the milk-based and whey-based ingredients produced in the U.S., including: dry milk powders (such as nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, milk protein concentrates and isolates), whey products ( condensed and dry whey, lactose, whey protein concentrates and isolates, permeate, specialty whey fractions), evaporated milk products and  buttermilk products.