There is new excitement in the ice cream category this year with MooGoo™ Fabulous ice cream flavors bringing back the "good times" to ice cream.

Remember your days as a kid eating ice cream, sitting on the front steps of your house with not a care in the world, as you tried to lick the drips around the side of the cone before it ran down your fingers.

JTL and Associates has teamed up with Pecan Deluxe Candy Company to bring exciting MooGoo™ flavors for 2005.

MooGoo™ spokesman, Tom Lusby said, "Several key points were taken into consideration developing these flavors. We wanted ice cream flavors with affordable ingredient costs with some very creative and catchy, fun flavors and names, for example, Devil's Food with a cost over vanilla of about 72 cents per gallon".

The MooGoo™ program provides dairies with competitive retail ice cream pricing while still offering excitement, fun and indulgence in the flavors. Many great tasting ingredients were designed especially for the MooGoo™ program such as a "caramel crackle ribbon" in Turtle Trails™ or a "butternuckle™" flavor in Buternuckle™ Fudge.

Terry Willis, creator and designer said, "We want consumers to giggle when they eat ice cream. Ice cream is a passion of mine. There should never be a disappointment in opening a package of ice cream, your tongue should sing and your taste buds dance with every mouthful. With the fun names like Mad Mad Mud Pie™, MooGoo™ Mud, and Black Bear Pie™, how can you not chuckle"!.

George Hrennikoff, marketer for the MooGoo™ team said, "The flavors and concepts work well for the ice cream dipping stores. Can you imagine a flavor board with names like Midnut Crisis™, Red Berry Rock™, Cocoa Caramel Twist™, Texas Tornado™, Chocolate Marshmallow Goo™, Toffee Coffee™, Chocolate Cherry Choppers™ and on the dessert menu, Rock the Turtle Sundae,* After All™ Chocolate Mint Parfait or Texas Tornado™ Twister. The MooGoo™ program is so creative and lends itself to numerous promotional and dessert menu ideas".

The MooGoo™ program provides dairies with a disk containing carton graphics, formulations, trade marked flavours, point of sale material and photography for many of the flavors. The ingredients for the "Fabulous MooGoo™" flavors can be ordered from JTL & Associates or from Pecan Deluxe Candy Company.

Visit the MooGoo™ web site: for more information.

Banana slices on top of scoops of Turtle Trails™ ice cream (pecan flavoured ice cream with chocolate freckles and swirls of thick caramel crackle) all topped with hot caramel sauce, a dusting of nuts, a dollop of whip cream and a cherry.