As more consumers seek out reduced sodium products, Cargill Salt introduces Premier potassium chloride, providing food processors with an expanded line of low-sodium ingredients for a wide variety of applications. With the addition of Premier potassium chloride, processors can choose from a full portfolio of sodium-reducing options, including SaltWise sodium reduction systems and Alberger Brand Salt.
Current U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines recommend that healthy adults consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily. Yet the average American typically consumes around 4,000 milligrams per day, and an estimated 77% of this intake comes from processed and prepared foods. These factors are contributing to increased interest in low-sodium products. In fact, U.S. new products with reduced sodium claims doubled from 286 products in 2007 to 584 in 2009, according to The Innova Database on food and beverage. 
“With our expanded line of sodium-reducing options, food processors can turn to Cargill Salt for the ingredients they need to meet today’s consumer needs,” says Carlos Rodriguez, marketing manager, Cargill Salt.
Cargill Salt’s Premier potassium chloride was developed for replacement of sodium chloride or potassium enrichment in a broad range of food processing applications. In addition to its use in low sodium foods, it is ideal for ham and bacon curing, cheeses, beverages, seasoning blends, bakery products, margarine and frozen dough.
When used in food products, Premier potassium chloride can help consumers maintain a proper sodium and potassium balance where sodium reduction is needed. The granular, food grade, odorless, white crystalline salt contains tricalcium phosphate as an anti-caking agent. Its low water activity and function make it an appealing partial replacement ingredient.  
SaltWise Reduced Sodium Solutions: a great tasting alternative 
Another option for food processors is the SaltWise sodium reduction system. Cargill broke the flavor barrier in lower sodium foods with this system, which offers the potential for significant sodium reduction, together with great taste and ease of use in processed meats, meals, soups, sauces, dressings and salted snack applications. SaltWise can reduce sodium in foods between 25% and 50%, while still delivering great salty taste.

Alberger Brand Flake Salt: a flavor burst for topical applications 
Cargill also offers Alberger coarse topping flake salt for use in sodium reduction. Created from a process that starts with a hollow pyramid shape, the salt’s tiny, multi-faceted crystals have a large surface area and a low bulk density, providing superior adherence, blendability and solubility, compared with cube-shaped granular salt. Alberger salt’s rapid solubility creates a burst of flavor when used in topical applications. It is suitable for low sodium applications when incorporated in products such as potato or corn chips, crackers and bread sticks, salted nuts and seeds.