Kohler Mix Specialties, White Bear Minn., is being sold by Michael Foods Inc. to Dean Foods.

The deal is expected to close during the third quarter, and it would involve three plants located in White Bear Lake, Minn., Sulphur Springs, Texas, and Newington, Conn. Kohler's product line consists primarily of ice cream mixes, creamers, and soy and organic milk.

The company has plants in Minnesota, Texas, and Connecticut, and produces shake and soft serve mix for customers nationwide. Current sales are approximately $190 million. The transaction is expected to close in the 3rd quarter of this year. According to family members, the sale was not in any way related to the death of former president Cliff Kohler.

Cliff Kohler, former president of Kohler Specialties died in his home following a heart attack on June 2. He was 72. His father, Henry, started Kohler Mix in the 1930s. Cliff, with his brothers Walt and Don, and their uncle Fran Belland bought the business in 1960. They sold the business in 1977 but continued to run it, with Cliff retiring in 1996 after working 50 years with the company.

In 1987, Kohler was one of the first dairies in the country to invest in the UHT process for milk and mixes. The company has grown through the UHT process to provide a significant portion of the shake and soft serve mix for the country.