NORTH MIAMI and ORLANDO, Fla.-A private-sector/public-sector collaboration has provided Florida hurricane victims with nearly a half million servings of aseptic milk for use in disaster areas that have lost power.

The relief efforts combined the resources of Woodbury, NY-based East Side Entrees, which donated the milk through its local ESE Dairies division; the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which incorporated surplus nonfat dry milk to fortify each serving; and Tetra Pak, which donated the 8-oz. shelf- stable packages.

On the heels of providing 280,000 servings of milk to victims of Hurricane Charley, East Side Entrees worked with the USDA and Tetra Pak to provide an additional 140,000 servings to Hurricane Frances relief sites in North Miami and Orlando through the non-profit organization Feed the Children. This brings the total to 420,000 donated servings of milk.