U-tube Heat Exchangershave been added to the Koss Industrial Inc., heat transfer product line. The 316L ASME certified stainless steel U-tube heat exchangers provide superior corrosion resistance over carbon steel. The U-tube construction results in less weld fatigue, giving longer life than straight shell and tube models. The units are 3-A approved, rated to 150 psi, and come in a wide range of sizes including 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch.

Koss Industrial, Inc.

A complete line of Plate Heat Exchangers is available from Chester-Jensen.Frames are available in solid stainless steel or coated carbon steel. Both metal-to-metal and gasket supported plate designs available in either type 304 or 316 stainless steel and appropriate quantity and thickness of plate sized for individual duty. Single piece gaskets, molded from a variety of formulated elastomers are selected to best meet application requirements. Gaskets are bonded to plates, for trouble-free service, yet are easily replaced, in the field, without the need for special tools or chemicals. Standard six-bolt type closure with optional mechanical spindle or hydraulic assist closures available. Differential operating pressures to 150 PSIG. Computer designed configurations allow users to process single, dual or multiple fluids and/or duties simultaneously.

A unique gasket design prevents intermingling of opposing streams by directing any leaking fluid to the outside of the unit. Modular design facilitates re-streaming of heat exchanger to accommodate expanding or changing loads. Controlled turbulence assures the highest rate of heat transfer even at relatively low pressure drop and velocity. When required, higher allowable differential operating pressures permit increased fluid velocities and turbulence. All plate surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized safely and effectively by properly designed in-place recirculation systems. All units easily opened for thorough internal inspection.

Chester-Jensen Co.

The Pro5Plus™ plate, from AGC Engineering is a high thermal efficiency plate formulated to increase regeneration and save plant energy costs, and it is specifically designed for fluid milk applications. The gasket is snap-in style for easy plant maintenance. It is available as an upgrade for your existing plates or in a brand new AGC unit. It will fit in your existing AR56-SH, AR51-M, or AR51-H (self-contained hydraulic closure) frame. The Pro5Plus™ is the latest addition to the ProFlow™ sanitary series of plates. The ProFlow™ range has been specially designed for food and dairy applications, including an expanded port area, superior inlet design and a partially relieved gasket groove. AGC Engineering offers complete sanitary heat exchanger services, including new units, spare parts, re-gasketing, plate exchange programs and field inspections. For more information contact John Bohn, Director of Engineering.

AGC Engineering

Ultra corrugated™ Tubular Heat Exchangers from Advanced Process Solutions (APS) provide higher heat transfer efficiencies than standard corrugated tubes. The unique design features deeper corrugations that induce multiple mixing zones and minimize the product boundary layer. Increased product rotation is especially advantageous for efficient processing of highly-viscous products, such as cheese sauce and pudding. APS offers a complete line of double-, triple-, multi-, and coiled-tube heat exchangers. In addition to specializing in heat transfer applications, APS manufactures complete process systems for the dairy, food & beverage industries including pasteurization systems for milk, cream or yogurt; extended life (UHT) systems for ice cream mix or coffee creamers; and aseptic systems for a wide variety of dairy products. APS engineers also are available for complete technical audits and process evaluations to optimize the performance of your current process system.

Advanced Process Solutions

Scherping Shell & Tube HeatExchangers are crafted entirely of stainless steel. They are capable of raising temperatures 50 to 60 degrees F. in a single pass at 120 GPM. Units come complete with sanitary connectors for solution inlet and outlet ports. They are available in multiple sizes to meet your specific heat transfer capacity & space requirements

Scherping Systems

The new Terlothermvertical scraped surface heat exchanger is a versatile piece of processing equipment designed to handle various applications such as heating, cooling, pasteurization, crystallization, and aseptic processing of dairy products. Types of products that can be processed are cheese, eggs, creamers, condensed milk, fermented dairy drinks and many other products. The unit’s main advantages include a vertical design for a small foot print, easy maintenance, a single seal, and five times the heat exchange area of conventional equipment. The unit is also bottom driven to eliminate the possibility of any product contamination, and is fully CIPable.


Paul Mueller Co.offers two sanitary plate heat exchanger closures for specific food applications, both which feature divider terminals with interchangeable ports. Options include closure by compression bolts (left) or hydraulic closure (right) for applications which require quick and easy access to the plate pack. The hydraulic closure unit can be completely closed in 6-8 minutes and opened in 4-6 minutes. It is self-contained in a stainless steel cabinet mounted on the frame. The control panel automatically closes the unit to the proper working dimension. Both units are designed to meet 3A sanitary standards, can utilize conventional or free-flow plate patterns in the frame, and are offered with press-in gaskets.

Paul Mueller Co.

Alfa Laval
The BEU-type shell and tube heat exchanger, from ENERQUIP, Inc., is an all-stainless steel exchanger built under Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Assn. standards and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers code. Ideal for heating or cooling a wide variety of liquids, typical applications of the BEU include heating of water and CIP solutions and pasteurization of milk or juice. Available in a wide array of diameters and lengths, this exchanger is able to process flow rates from a few gallons per hour up to hundreds of gallons per minute. The BEU exchanger has a removable U-tube bundle that allows cleaning of the shell-side surfaces. Featuring sanitary connections (Tri-Clamp) on the process side and food-grade gaskets, the BEU is fully drainable and complies with 3-A sanitary standards. All the sanitary surfaces of the exchanger are polished and crevice-free in order to minimize corrosion, or contamination, and to improve cleanability. Some of the available options are double tube-sheets, horizontal or vertical mounting supports, and electro-polished surfaces.

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Alfa Laval’s FrontLine plate heat exchanger offers an efficient, gentle and hygienic processing solution for the most demanding food applications. It offers precision cut solid stainless steel frames in a wide range of pressure ranges. The FrontLine features ClipLine plates, which offer optimum pressing depth and minimal contact points for longer operation. Their unique, patented distribution area assures an even flow over the entire plate for maximum heat transfer efficiency and improved hygiene.

Alfa Laval Inc.