The DCI Dynamixer is designed to mix dry solids, semi-solids or liquids into a slurry or liquid product. This high speed mixer/blender may also be used to blend, disperse, reconstitute, dissolve, re-hydrate, pre-break or rerun soluble solids, soluble pastes and liquids quickly, efficiently and completely. Insoluble products are dispersed into liquids to make suspensions and slurries with greater stability and homogeneity. Models are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and motor horsepower to fit a broad range of applications.Some basic Dynamixer features include: A right angle gear box drive assembly that is flange mounted directly to the bottom of the tank, a square tank design requiring no baffles, two-piece and self-lubricating mechanical seal assembly that's easily removed for inspection or service. The mixer also features sanitary construction that meets 3A sanitary standards, and a tubular stainless steel frame provides excellent strength and stability for the entire unit.

DCI Inc.

Invensys APV
The new APV Flex-Mix® Liquiverter is a cost-effective, self-contained unit, designed for unrivalled flexibility. The latest technology design can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements for a particular duty. In addition, if market demand changes, the Flex-Mix Liquiverter can be adapted for use with a different range of products. The new liquiverter is faster, more powerful, and more efficient that ever.

Also from APV, the TPM+ mixer answers one of the most difficult blending duties In the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries: reliable mixing of powder into a liquid to create a smooth and uniform product. Other methods can often be labor intensive, slow, wasteful. Some require reprocessing and still not deliver thorough dispersion of dry ingredients. APV's TPM+ mixer is engineered to assure a homogeneous mixture and prevent the froth or lumps caused by irregularly adding powder or air.

Invensys APV

The new FS Series Shear Blender from Fristam Pumps is designed for homogenizing, blending, emulsifying, dispersing, dissolving and texturizing. The Shear Blender's rotor-stator design eliminates unblended product and prevents lumps and masses in product. Benefits include improved product texture, reduced raw material usage, consistent and repeatable results, and reduced processing times. Sanitary and CIPable, the FS also reduces maintenance efforts and expense.

Fristam Pumps

The VacuShear® liquid processor from A&B Process Systems is an excellent candidate for use in mixing and blending processes involving powders and liquids. This mixing technology is made available to the processing industries through the partnership between A&B Process Systems Stratford, Wis. and Admix Inc., Manchester, N.H. Mixing in enclosed vessels and in-line is an important activity in the chemical, pharmaceutical, bioresearch and food industries. The VacuShear® processor, is capable of conveying powders, under vacuum, directly into the sealed mixing tank at rates as high as 500 pounds per minute. The powder is introduced into the tank directly at the mixing head and below the surface of the liquid. In this way aeration, foaming and dust formation are minimized. Isolation valves may be closed once the charging operation has been completed and the RotoShear® mixer slowed or stopped as required. Vacuum may be maintained to allow de-aeration and de-foaming to continue throughout the blending process. The processor is versatile, since it may be used for the high speed emulsification of powders and immiscible liquids or for the simple blending of Newtonian fluids. The processor is a combination of the mixing tank, vacuum pumps, powder feeders, hoppers and dumping stations, which provides an ergonomic and efficient link between the conveying and mixing operations. A mixing station may be custom designed to include options such as multiple tanks, clean-in-place sprayball assemblies, sweep and scrape surface "anchor" agitators, fixed or removable baffles & access platforms. Automated systems are provided to control liquid metering, bulk solid dosing by weight change, mixing, deaeration, liquid levels and or process temperature. The tanks can be jacketed or insulated to ensure efficient heat transfer during the mixing and blending processes. If required the tanks can be fabricated to meet ASME pressure ratings.

A&B Process Systems

Chester-Jensen Co., offers a static cooker-blender for dairy applications. The Chester-Jensen Cooker-Cooler enables safe, fast, and effective processing of any and all pump-able food products requiring heating, cooling, melting, mixing, blending, browning, braising, and/or other treatments generally required in these applications. Product contact surfaces that are available in either type 304 or 316 stainless steel. A unique three element agitation system includes a large, curved, stationary baffle, high-speed counter-rotating tri-blade agitator, and 360° sweep agitator with nylon or UHMW scraper blades. It is available in single, dual or variable speed configurations, and features heavy-duty gear reducers and U-frame motors. Standard features include two piece hinged (and removable) covers with lifting handles, attached to a heavy-gauge center bridge. Standard working capacities are 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 gals. Options include larger capacities; extra heavy-duty agitators and drives (for extremely viscous products); modified tri-blade assemblies for special mixing needs; and Quick Blade Release (QBR) feature.


The Likwifier Plus Icing Cooker/Mixer is a self contained unit designed to cook and mix icings and glazes in one third the time of conventional methods. This unit is designed for the safety of the operator. The entire cooking vessel is insulated for efficient cooking and heat retention. This prevents heat transfer from the cooking chamber to the exterior parts of the machine. In the preparation of icing, handling and/or transfer of the boiling syrup from the cooker to the mixing machine is eliminated. Manual transfer of icing from the cooker to the mixer can splash the operator resulting in frequent burns. Pumps are also used in the conventional transfer operation. Delays or idle periods may cause the syrup solution to set up in the pump and lines resulting in unnecessary down time. Operators will sometimes flush pumps and lines with water to prevent the icing from setting up. During the next operation of the pump, free water is inadvertently added resulting in the premature breakdown to the icing during the shelf life of the product.

Breddo Likwifier

Scherping Systems' single or multi-compartment mix and flavor blend tanks are fabricated in accordance to 3A good manufacturing practices. They can be built using 304, 304L, or 316L stainless steel with both interior and exterior surfaces polished to a #4 finish. The bottom outside surface has a 2B finish. The tank size, capacity and quantity of compartments are determined by your requirements and specifications. Any or all of the compartments can be supplied with heat exchanges surface, being able to accept a variety of heating or cooling media. Compartments are insulated and can contain product with a wide temperature variation without appreciable heat transfer. Compartments are fabricated with a solid top and an 18" hinging manway and vent assembly. The hinging manway can be positioned on the same side of the compartment as the product outlet or on the opposite side of the compartment. Agitation equipment is designed to customer specification, including consideration for compartment size and ingredient properties. Also available are CIP balls, thermometers, calibration bars and product outlet valves.

Scherping Systems

Other Mixer and Blender Manufacturers

Admix Inc.
Manchester, N.H.

Paul Mueller Co.
Springfield, Mo.

Silverson Machines
East Longmeadow, Mass.

Walker Stainless Equipment
New Lisbon, Wis.