Probiotics make their way into natural cheese. Seaside, Calif.-based Lifeline Food Co., is the first U.S. cheese marketer to offer live and active Lactobacillus cultures in natural cheese.

Probiotics make their way into natural cheese. Seaside, Calif.-basedLifeline Food Co., is the first U.S. cheese marketer to offer live and activeLactobacilluscultures in natural cheese. Sold under the company's Lifetime® brand, new Immune Advantage comes in mild Cheddar with eight 1-oz shingled slices to a package. According to company president Jone Chappell, the culture strain used in the cheese has been studied extensively and shown to enhance immunity and promote digestive health. Labels state that each slice contains one billion colony form units ofLactobacilluscultures.

HP Hood LLC, Chelsea, Mass., has relaunched its dairy drink line under the brand Calorie Countdown™. Calorie Countdown is a line of rich and creamy dairy beverages that provides the wholesome, delicious nutrition of milk with reduced sugar, calories and carbohydrates. The drink comes in three varieties-2% reduced-fat white, 2% reduced-fat chocolate and fat-free white-and was previously sold under the name Carb Countdown™.

"Carb Countdown was introduced in October 2003, and at the time the product was a perfect fit for consumers watching their carbohydrate intake as a result of the low-carb diet movement," says Lynne Bohan, director of communications. "When this movement lost its momentum, we knew there was a loyal consumer following for this product so we decided to reposition the product to appeal to a more broad audience. The product is good for diabetics who watch their sugar and carbohydrate intake and it's good for consumers who want to watch their calorie intake as well."

St. Paul, Minn.-basedLand O'Lakes Inc., is rolling out Land O Lakes® (LOL) Naturally Slender® American cheese, which has 25% less fat than pasteurized processed American. It is available via the deli in three varieties-white, yellow and hot pepper.

The new product, initially test marketed in the Mid-Atlantic states, is now debuting through full-service delis nationwide. It is line-priced and promoted with other LOL American cheese products at the deli counter. LOL Naturally Slender American cheese product was developed in response to the growing consumer interest in lower-fat, healthy foods, says the company.

B2 Beverage Co., Corona Del Mar, Calif., introduces a first-in-category non-carbonated tropical fruit and cream-flavored premium malt beverage line called Hard Creamer™, along with its sub-brand Kalima™ Hawaiian Hard Creamer. Made with a low-acid dairy base, this new concept in alcoholic beverage is initially rolling out in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. National distribution is expected by summer 2007.

"With the introduction of [these beverages], people will have a very different and easy-to-enjoy alternative to the usual selection of beer, wine coolers, mixed drinks and flavored malt beverages out there," says Troy Valdez, president. This new malternative will be especially pleasing to people who prefer a more non-alcohol taste to their adult beverages. What makes these beverages so different, he says, is their combination of creamy taste, smooth texture and vibrant colors resembling fresh oranges, strawberries and peaches.