Although it's not positioned as a dairy product, nonfat milk is the first listing on the ingredient statement of the new PowerBar® Pria® Complete Nutrition Shake, an indulgent-tasting, milk-based beverage created with the nutrition needs of women in mind. The shelf-stable drink provides a balanced blend of carbohydrates, protein and 21 vitamins and minerals, including 28% of the Daily Value of fiber and 50% of the Daily Value of calcium.

"Our consumer research within the calorie-control shake category identified the need for a great-tasting shake with just the right nutrition for women," says Pria Brand Manager Andy Hill, PowerBar Inc. , Berkeley, Calif., a Nestlé company. "Our new Pria Complete Nutrition shake offers a unique combination of the important daily nutrients women need, such as calcium, fiber and protein, with only 170 calories. Entering this new market segment is an exciting step, and we're thrilled to provide women with new calorie-control snack and meal replacement options to assist with dietary goals."

The shakes are sold in packs of four 11-oz servings and come in two flavors-Creamy Milk Chocolate and French Vanilla.

TheDannon Co. , White Plains, N.Y., recognizes that decadence is not limited to the freezer. Dannon combines the wholesomeness of yogurt with the deliciousness of chocolate in its new la Crème® Rich & Creamy with Chocolate Pieces. Sold in pint containers in the refrigerated yogurt case, the product is described as luscious pieces of premium chocolate mixed together with the smooth and creamy texture of la Crème to satisfy sweet cravings while providing all the goodness of yogurt. "And with 48% less saturated fat than regular ice cream, it's one more reason to make la Crème your everyday indulgence," says the company. The entire Dannon la Crème line, which also includes regular and mousse, is described by the company as the yogurt that is dessert.

New Breyers® CalSmart™ Cups fromGood Humor-Breyers, Green Bay, Wis., aUnilevercompany, are the perfect solution for portion control. Each cup contains 4-oz of premium low-fat, no-sugar-added ice cream and only 70 calories-half the calories of regular Breyers ice cream. Because CalSmart cups offer portion control and convenience, they are ideal for healthcare, schools and institutional settings. CalSmart cups are available in three of the most popular ice cream flavors-chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

For those who crave a creamy, decadent ice cream dessert without the hassle of creating it,Well's Dairy Inc. , Le Mars, Iowa, is rolling out Blue Bunny® Ultimate Rewards™ dessert cups. These single-serve cups of Blue Bunny premium ice cream are layered with mousses, thick sauces and sweet candy toppings.

There are two varieties. Ultimate Rewards Grasshopper is layered mint ice cream, mint-flavored mousse, fudge sauce and mint candies. Caramel Pecan is layers of caramel ice cream, caramel-flavored mousse, caramel sauce and glazed pecans.

Noteworthy Introductions

Brooklyn, N.Y.-basedAhava Food Corp. , is aggressively gaining distribution of its "Kosher for Passover" line of Morning Select® dairy products. Some Kosher products are reformulated specifically for use during Passover. For example, Slim U nonfat yogurt is usually sweetened with aspartame. The Passover formulation substitutes saccharin for aspartame.

Other interesting facts about Morning Select dairy products include that the 2% milkfat Low Fat Yogurt line sports tri-lingual labels: English, French and Hebrew. Other cultured dairy products such as cream cheese and sour cream have English labels, with various Hebrew/Kosher stamps.

Stamped code dates on lids include the phrase: Kosher for Passover.


In Germany,Nestléextended its well-known Push-Up brand to include Punky Push-Up Ice Cream in a strawberry flavor. The extension is positioned specifically for children and features Donald Duck. It sets itself apart from the traditional Push-Up products, as it contains perforated holes on the top of the package. When the ice cream is pushed upwards, it comes out in tube shapes, making it look like Donald Duck is growing hair, or as the company describes, making him look like a "punk."

Another novel product targeted specifically towards children isFrance Fromage'sKetchó Râpe Cheese in the United Kingdom. The ketchup-flavored cheese is not only uniquely flavored, but it also is artificially colored bright red. Though very original, the concept is one that fits the target group, as it encourages children to eat more cheese. According to the company, it is intended for decoration and is recommended to be used in salads, pastas, pizzas, omelets and sandwiches.

Continuing on with uniquely flavored cheese products, new fromDew-Lay Cheese Makers, also in the United Kingdom, is Chilli Monster Lancashire Cheese with Chillies. Just as the name describes, the product is Lancashire cheese with crushed chilies, and is said to be "tongue blisteringly hot," according to the company. Serving suggestions include use on toast or baked potatoes.

Moving to a bit more traditional of products,Richmond Ice Creamintroduces Nestlé Yorkie Chunky Ice Cream Bars for Men. The product is described as an ice cream bar only for men with the following clever warnings on packages "It's not for girls!" and "Girls be aware, lifting this bar may break a nail." Each pack includes four bars of Chunky Ice Cream covered in Yorkie milk chocolate.

Lastly, another product introduced by Nestlé in Germany is Mövenpick Crisp Ice Cream Cones. These ice cream cones are said to be the first in the dessert segment that have almond flakes baked into the cone. The product is available in two varieties: Vanilla and vanilla/strawberry.