Rtech laboratoriesis a comprehensive food science and technology research facility. We provide Microbiology and Chemistry testing, Sensory, Pilot Plant Scale Production and Contract Manufacturing Services, Nutrition Labeling Services, Library and Regulatory Compliance Services.

Microbiology and Chemistry Testing:
Our ISO 9002 and ISO 17025 laboratory is staffed with highly trained professionals and incorporates the latest approved methodology from AOAC, AOCS, AACC, USDA, and FDA. In addition to the tests identified here, we can also assist you with the following: Nutrition Labeling, Validation Studies, Training and Shelf-Stability Studies, Challenge Studies and Method Development Studies.

Sensory testing can play an important role in determining product acceptability by evaluating flavor, texture, appearance, and overall acceptance. Acceptance testing and descriptive analysis are ideal tools for competitive testing, developing products, or shelf-life studies. Our sensory professionals can also evaluate your current testing program and train your production and quality assurance staff.

Consumer Research*:
Learn important information about your customers, markets and competitive products through consumer research. Use qualitative research to probe consumer perspectives, while quantitative research can provide objective data on your product. Combine consumer research with sensory to determine what product attributes will most significantly improve consumer preference.

Pilot Plant / Custom Processing*:
Our pilot plant is staffed by experienced professionals skilled at producing small batch sizes. Our capabilities cover a wide spectrum of processing conditions and product categories. We can help design your process, assist with the production and offer recommendations for further processing.

To speak with one of our staff regarding any of the above services, please call Customer Services at (800) 328-9687.

*Not included in ISO 9002/17025