SÜDMO North America, Inc. (SNA) is a leading supplier of mix proof, single seat, aseptic, and other valves to the major food and dairy companies in North America. Eight out of the top ten dairy companies are using SÜDMO’s mix proof valve technology. SNA’s success is greatly attributable to SÜDMO’s innovation in developing new products to meet the demands of the market. Some of these market-driven designs include the mix proof PMO valve developed to meet FDA requirements, the Cheese Curd Outlet mix proof valve that can pass cheese curd particles up to 1.5” in size, the Large Particulate mix proof valve which was designed to pass large particulates in fruit or meat processing applications, Super Long Stroke valves for use in food processing applications, and Tangential and Non-Slamming Flow Diversion valves which are required in the US dairy industry.

Another aspect of SNA’s success in the market place is its commitment to customer service. This commitment is demonstrated through the company’s promise that dedicated SNA personnel are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. If a customer calls SNA during non-business hours, they will be directed to a number where they can reach a member of SNA’s staff who will do whatever possible to help them—including anything from technical support issues to arranging an emergency spare parts shipment. “We appreciate the importance of avoiding any unnecessary plant downtime,” says Jack Jordan, President of SNA, “so we believe it is important to always be available to our customers in case of an emergency. If a customer calls us and needs a spare part, whether it’s a weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the week, we can usually get it to them in less than 24 hours—even on the same day with a counter-to-counter shipment. This level of service is invaluable to our customers.” In addition, SNA works closely with it’s distribution partners to ensure that customers get the best technical solutions possible when using SÜDMO products and they maintain a large inventory in their warehouse at all times to ensure they have the resources necessary to support the operational requirements of today’s food and dairy processors.