Natural Dairy Calcium’s milky flavorand essential mineral components make it ideal for a wide variety of applications including dairy products, energy bars, cultured products, bakery goods, as well as supplements. It contains 27% calcium and 14% phosphorus in roughly the 2:1 ratio that is similar to human bone and optimizes bone health. The many milk minerals in Fieldgate Natural Dairy Calcium, including magnesium and potassium, aid in proper muscle, heart and lung function. Sourced from dairy, the ingredient has a milky taste. It comes as a fine white powder and provides a natural-based ingredient statement.

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With the support of the National Research Council of Canada, Alberta Research Council and AVAC Ltd., SciMed Laboratories has developed an enzyme immunoassay kit to detect and quantify Vitamin A and D levels in fortified fluid milk samples. The technology has been granted a provisional patent and promises to reduce or eliminate costs and logistical concerns associated with compliance of government testing regulations for fortified milk products. The diagnostic kit enables dairy processors to conduct vitamin A and D analysis at the plant in only 3 hours instead of having to courier samples to a lab and wait 10-14 business days for results.

SciMed Laboratories Inc.
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For ice cream, new Buckeye Bites are miniature low-melt chocolates, which are best described as smooth dark chocolate surrounding a visible creamy peanut butter center. Peanut Butter Bear Nuggets are similar in appearance and flavor to Buckeye Bites and are used in Gitchigoomie Bear Nuggets ice cream, which is snowy white vanilla ice cream with swirls of fudge and the nuggets.

Mackinac Flavors Ltd.
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The Non-GMO Source listed National Starch’s specialty starches in its 2003 edition. This directory enables food manufacturers and others to locate suppliers of ingredients and products that are produced or formulated without genetically modified organisms (GMO). The buyer’s guide contains suppliers of non-GMO seed, crops, ingredients and food products.

National Starch & Chemical
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Cones from The Cone Guys are a gourmet blend of flavorful ingredients, which can add a new dimension to ice cream cone novelties. Varieties include Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Cookie Wafer, Pretzel and the most recent introduction, a cone with M&M’s® Mini’s chocolate candies.

The Cone Guys Ltd.
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Ottens Plus™ Flavor Potentiators and Enhancers are unique functional foods that enhance sweetness while also fortifying product flavor. Testing has shown that these flavors help reduce bitterness and off-notes sometimes found in food and beverage products. Ottens Plus Potentiators are described as having a non-descript taste, while Ottens Plus Enhancers include the following profiles: Tropical Fruit, Dairy, Berry, Citrus and Bakery. All are available in natural, artificial, liquid and dry forms.

Ottens Flavors
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Swiss Institute Confirms High Relative Bioavailability of Novel Iron Supplement

Iron is an essential nutrient often lacking in the diet, especially for infants and women of childbearing age. Many iron sources that exhibit the best bioavailability adversely affect product quality by accelerating lipid oxidation, producing unfavorable color or flavor and causing severe irritation of the gastrointestinal system. Compatible and non-reactive iron compounds are needed for fortification as they have less “iron taste” compared to soluble iron. The relatively poor bioavailability and insolubility of such compounds, however, has generally restricted their use in the fortification of foods and beverages.

A novel ferric pyrophosphate compound called SunActive Fe™ remains in suspension in liquid products, has no iron flavor or change in color and was purported to have an improved bioavailability.

Researchers at the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, Zurich Switzerland, comparing iron absorption of SunActive Fe to that of ferrous sulfate in a stable isotope bioavailability study with infant cereal and a yogurt drink, found SunActive Fe to have the same bioavailability as ferrous sulfate in adult women. The high relative iron bioavailability of SunActive Fe indicates the potential usefulness of this novel compound for food and beverage fortification.

Taiyo International Inc.