Rocket Products, Inc. has been producing quality beverage concentrates for over 51 years. Our dedication to our customers has allowed us to offer the highest level of quality, consistency, and service to the dairy industry. At Rocket Products we use only Sunkist® Juice as well as the finest ingredients for our one-of-a-kind concentrates so that the best tasting drinks are created.

The owner and creator Charles E. Lazier comes from a family owned company spanning three generations beginning in the soft drink business.

The first incorporation occurred in 1903, giving this family 100 years of valuable experience. From these beginnings sprang many of the ideas that have been instrumental in the success of Rocket Products, Inc. today.

The introduction of our new Dair-E Lite ® Lemonade 15% Juice is our answer to the lower calorie and lower carb drink.

Today it is imperative that Dairies produce good products but also more efficiently to avoid unnecessary costs associated with production of those products.

With our Dair-E Lite® Lemonade, Dairies can use 33 1/3% less sugar, lowering their production costs and still maintain that great taste. In addition, this offers the consumer half the calories and half the carbs of other standard soft drinks.

Since all our products are naturally flavored with Sunkist® Juice, our lemonades have that fresh squeezed lemonade flavor with a smooth taste. Our Orange concentrates have a refreshing new delicious orange flavor, and our Fruit Punch concentrates contain that fusion of fruity flavors which make them unique.

Request your samples today and experience the great taste that our products can provide for you and your customers.

As we say at Rocket, "Have you had your Lemonade today"?

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