Denmark, Wis.-based BelGioioso Cheese Inc., now offers three cheese flavor categories with enough depth to create flights for every cheese tasting occasion. A flight, or grouping of cheese, provides a range of taste sensations within a major flavor category. Flights of cheese are similar to flights of wine, and are becoming popular as a means of captivating consumers and enhancing dining experiences.

BelGioioso offers four different taste experiences with its Provolone and two texture offerings with its Gorgonzola. The third flight -- the Italian cheeses -- includes Parmesan, Asiago, Aged Asiago and American Grana[r]. These bold flavored cheeses are best served as a flight at room temperature.

Licensing characters to promote a brand is becoming popular in the kids' cheese snack category. For example, Justice League[tm] characters, which include Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, adorn packages of cheese snacks from Sargento Foods Inc., Plymouth, Wis. The company further promotes the characters on its website (, where visitors can obtain free Justice League gear with proof-of-purchase.