Over the years Degussa BioActives has worked closely with customers throughout the dairy industry. Manufacturers of yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses, hard Italian style cheeses and many other applications have appreciated the help and support that we offer.

Degussa personnel have a broad range of dairy industry experience.

Our technical support staff are experts in the application of our products in cultured product and cheese applications. This base of knowledge allows them to provide objective, professional assistance to help you, our customers optimize your operations.

Understanding culture performance provides the base of our support efforts. Proper culture usage can help you maximize consistency and yield and minimize bacteriophage problems. Our field and internal technical support groups can help you get the most out of your culture programs.

Optimization begins with consistency. Optimizing the performance of our ingredients is critical to maximizing margins in today’s competitive environment. All aspects of your process and formula such as fermentation and processing temperatures, ingredients and total solids level impact culture selection. The requirements of your finished products such as texture, moisture and flavor are also strongly culture-related. Understanding these requirements is key to making the best culture recommendations. We will help you in any way you desire to maintain consistent product quality every day.

Despite advancements in culture development, phage attacks are still a costly and all-too-frequent problem. We are experts in assisting you with development of a manageable phage control program.

Helping you stay ahead of phage is the full-time mission of our internal phage testing laboratory. They test your samples and provide troubleshooting, rotation and sanitation assistance. Maintaining a regular relationship with this group provides a database for solid management and decision-making. The phage group along with our field technical support group provide an unbeatable team to control phage.

Everyone wants to continually maximize yields. Our field technical support group has first-hand experience to help optimize the rate of acid development and recommend the proper cut or break pH. This can help keep more product in the package verses going down the drain.

Our technical service group can help you to best apply our direct vat cultures, bulk culture systems, enzymes and accelerated flavor development systems. We are available, always at your convenience.