Degussa Texturant SystemsApplication Service Center, located in Atlanta GA, completely renovated their dairy and frozen pilot plant in 2002. To accompany the facility changes, significant investments were made in upgrading process technology.

The pilot plant, which has complete batch and HTST processing capabilities and the ability to produce all types of fluid and cultured dairy products and frozen desserts, now has equipment dedicated to UHT processing and the production of aerated dairy products.

To better meet customers needs, the UHT system can be configured for either indirect heating or direct steam injection. A Mondomix continuous aerator was added to expand the range of dairy products produced to include acidic mousse-type products like aerated/whipped yogurts as well as neutral mousse products like chocolate.

The new Degussa dairy and frozen pilot plant is an excellent resource for the development of new product prototypes that require state-of-the-art processing and production equipment to achieve unique textures and maintain shelf stability. Together with Degussa's analytical testing equipment, the new pilot plant is also an excellent platform for the general study of texture ingredients and their interaction with dairy and frozen products.

Yogurts Galore

Degussa Texturant Systems offers a wide range of stabilizer blends designed for the many styles of yogurts. A few examples of our latest blends to be used in either pre or post fermentation systems include:
  • Vitex™ ADM series for Aerated Yogurts provides viscosity for whipping, product firmness and stable foam structure. The ADM series enables an overrun range between 50-125%.
  • Vitex™ ADA series produces Yogurt Gels that are smooth and elastic or firm and rigid as well as gelatin-free.
  • Vitex™ AYS series gives a smooth texture and freeze-thaw stability to Squeezeable Tube Yogurts.

A Global Partner to the Food Industry

Degussa Texturant Systems is a major member of the Health and Nutrition Division of the new Degussa Group. For more than 80 years, we have been developing, producing, and marketing worldwide, texturizing agents such as Agars, Alginates, Blends, Carrageenans, Galactomannans, Lecithins, Pectins, Xanthan Gum and Liquid Vitamins. Our products are used in all areas of the food industry, as well as in a growing number of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and technical applications.

Degussa Texturant Systems operates globally, from raw material purchasing to after-sales service. Our technologies are supported through an international network of five Application Service Centers (USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Singapore) as well as two Research Centers (France, Germany) dedicated to long-term hydrocolloid research for the development of value-added food ingredients. Through 20 sales locations, together with numerous local agents and distributors, we make sure that we are always very close to our customers.