President Cream Cheese comes in 0.75-oz single portion packets, 8-oz cups and 3-lb, 5-lb and 30-lb containers.

Gourmet Cream Cheese

Company: Sorrento Lactalis Inc.
Location: Buffalo, N.Y.
Introduced: November 2002
Details: Sorrento Lactalis, a leading provider of fine natural cheeses in the United States, introduces President® Cream Cheese. The President brand is associated with some of the best premium natural cheeses, and now is setting a new standard for cream cheese, says the company. Flavors include Berry, Herb & Garlic, Honey/Cinnamon/ Raisin, Ranch, Horseradish and Garden Vegetable.
Distribution: National

Onken's new Biowild yogurts target consumers who have a positive attitude to healthful living, as well as are receptive to new ideas and flavor combinations.

Botanical Yogurts (International)

Company: Onken Dairy Ltd.
Location: London
Introduced: September 2002
Details: Onken Biowild is a line of low-fat yogurts that combine fruit with beneficial natural plants, herbs and flower extracts. The yogurts come in 175g pots with an outer recyclable sleeve that can be unwrapped to reveal information on the benefits of the functional ingredient. Varieties include Apple & Hawthorn; Blackberry, Elderberry & Lavender; Blueberry, Elderberry & Passion Flower; Peach & Lemon Balm; and Pear, Rosehip & Marigold.Distribution: United Kingdom

A half-cup serving of Slender ice cream contains 90-130 calories, 4-8g of fat and 14-17g carbohydrate, depending on flavor.

No-Sugar-Added Ice Cream

Company:Pierre’s French Ice Cream Co.
Location: Cleveland
Introduced: November 2002
Details: Pierre’s joins the no-sugar-added ice cream trend with the introduction of Slender™ No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream. Made using Splenda® sucralose, new Slender comes in five classic flavors—Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Neapolitan, Strawberry and Vanilla—and three indulgent flavors—Caramel Pecan, Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup and Moose Tracks®. The ice cream is sold in 56-oz square-round containers at a suggested retail price of $4.99-5.99.
Distribution: Select Midwest states, as well as Kroger banner stores throughout the country

Bella Caffe drinks come in glass bottles and have a full-body, shrink-sleeve label that extends over the metal cap, creating a safety seal.

Coffee Milk Beverages

Company: Bella Caff?r>Location: Lake Forest, Calif.
Introduced: April 2002
Details: Bella Caff?rinks are 100% premium espresso blended with whole milk, and are made using a proprietary cold brewing process. The patented cold brewing process removes excessive oils and acids that can damage the flavor of coffee, says the company. Because the rich flavor is not damaged in the brewing process, the company does not use excessive amounts of sugar or flavors to mask bitter off notes that can occur in such drinks. Bella Caffe comes in five varieties: Espresso Squisito, Mocha Magnifico, Mocha Magnifico Lite, Mocha Mint and Vanilla Vero. The Lite product, which is sweetened with sucralose, contains only 50 calories and 3g fat per 10-oz bottle. The other four varieties contain 130 calories and 3 g fat.

To get the word out about the novelty bars, Brigham's will launch a strong marketing campaign that focuses on people's love for Brigham's Vanilla ice cream.

Premium Ice Cream Bars

Company: Brigham’s Inc.
Location: Arlington, Mass.
Introduced: to hit freezers in February 2003
Details: For the first time in Brigham’s 88-year history, the company’s premium vanilla ice cream will be available as a frozen novelty, which is vanilla ice cream enrobed in premium-quality chocolate coating. The Brigham’s Ice Cream Bar comes in two varieties: Creamy Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. The 3-oz stickless bars come in four-packs and will sell for about $3.49 when they debut in grocery stores next month.
Distribution: Select New England markets

Galaxy Nutritional Foods

Noteworthy Introductions

Orlando-basedGalaxy Nutritional Foods, a leading producer of nutritious plant-based dairy alternatives for the retail and foodservice markets, introduces Ultra Smoothie™ in single-serve containers. The cups join the dispenser-assisted, semi-frozen product already available through various foodservice venues. Initial product shipped in October.

Ultra Smoothie is a combination of Tropicana® fruit juices and Galaxy’s Veggie Milk™. This new product delivers a complete serving of soy protein, meeting the FDA health claim standard on soy, and 1.5 servings of juice in each 8 oz cup. It is a good source of nine vitamins and minerals, including 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C and 30% DV of calcium.

Upstate Farms
Upstate Farms Cooperative Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., rolls out Bison® Nacho Jalapeño Dip, the latest in its line of specialty dip products. The new variety is made with the company’s award-winning sour cream and comes packaged in 12-oz recloseable cups.

“For the Bison Nacho Jalapeño Dip, we blended Cheddar cheese, jalapeño, green bell peppers and garlic to create a zesty flavor that goes great with tortilla chips, potato chips, pretzels, veggies and as a bread dip,” says Mark Serling, dir. of marketing. It is also perfect as a chicken wing sauce or melted over a hotdog.

Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Inc.
Hold on to your solar surfer and explore ice cream that is out of this world!Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Inc., Oakland, Calif., scoops up excitement in the freezer aisle with the debut of two new flavors, which hit the market at the same time Disney's animated film Treasure Planet was released.

Galactic Chocolate™ is a cool combination of chocolate ice cream and marshmallow swirl amidst a galaxy of yellow and blue cookie dough stars. Vanilla Treasure™ unleashes a solar explosion of vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and colorful fudge-filled Treasure Planet shapes featuring the movie's characters.

Byrne Dairy
Syracuse, N.Y.-basedByrne Dairy Inc., has a new addition in its milk pint line—Vanilla Malt milk.

“We’ve blended a smooth vanilla flavor with a kick of malt to make a refreshing, unique flavor like nothing on the market today,” says Annette Jim, dir. of marketing.