Julia Kadison MilkPEPIt’s time for the dairy industry to say ‘Enough!’

The fluid milk industry is facing an increasingly competitive environment. Not only are competitors making confusing claims, but science is being misconstrued in the media, alarming headlines are taken out of context, and activist groups are increasing their attacks against milk. As a result, we are seeing consumer confidence wane for a product that has so much to offer Americans – from protein, to other key nutrients, to convenience, value and great taste.

It’s time for us to say “enough!” and be more aggressive against the anti-milk misinformation that impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions. This is essential for the health of the industry, and frankly, for the health of Americans. I’m proud to see the industry unite today behind Get Real – a social advocacy initiative that is focused on taking back the conversation about milk, correcting the misinformation and communicating the unique nutrient contributions and health benefits of milk, all through the support of science and credible third-parties.

MilkPEP encourages Americans to drink dairy milk

Today, we’re arming milk companies, dairy farmers and other milk advocates with the real facts from real experts to encourage Americans to choose REAL milk. Using state-of-the art technology, the entire industry can quickly and easily communicate the truth in social media – the place we’ve been seeing the most misinformation shared.

There is a lot we can say about milk’s goodness, but we will focus on 5 facts that are driving misperceptions about milk to set the record straight:

1. Milk is a nutrient powerhouse – and it’s not just for kids.
2. Milk contains a lot that’s good, without the “bad” that some people think (like excess calories and fat)
3. Milk is simple – especially compared to non-dairy milks that can have more than 10 ingredients.
4. Milk provides high-quality protein (almond and other non-dairy milks may have just 1 gram of protein).
5. Milk is a real, wholesome and local product from family farms across the nation.

Get Real is just the beginning of a more aggressive approach and one part of our long-term strategy to safeguard milk’s reputation against anti-milk messages. With a strong level of commitment from dairy farmers to milk companies, we can have a true impact on consumer confidence in milk’s fundamental goodness. And, we’ve seen an unprecedented response from the industry on this – they’re eager to engage and help ensure we get the real information out.

I’m optimistic about what the future holds for MilkPEP and the dairy industry. I think this initiative is a big, bold step in the right direction and I look forward to more collaboration, more focus and more engagement that will truly make a difference. We’re tackling issues head on and activating the industry to help rebuild consumer advocacy for milk.

You can read the facts at MilkTruth.com.