Sanborn, N.Y.-based Hoover's Dairy announced on social media it will process ice cream for the first time. The fifth-generation company has bottled milk since 1920.

Hoover's full Facebook post is presented below.


We have processed and bottle milk since 1920. So now after 103 years, we have decided to add a whole new product line. It has been a challenge for many years finding a home for our extra cream that is left after making 2% and skim. We started two years ago making half & half, that helped but we still had an amount left that we sold to Pittsford Dairy.
Just shy of our 100 anniversary we built the new store and we have remodeled the old store adding equipment to be able to vat pasteurize new products. 
This week our dairy staff was really excited and busy bringing all of this together. Getting Milk, Cream, Sugar and Sugared Egg Yolks and a couple other ingredients in the vat to produce ICE CREAM MIX, After the mix is done it’s over to the ice cream maker. So now we are making 100% homemade ice cream.
We started with a few flavors this week like vanilla, Butterfinger, cookies and cream, and peanut butter cup made with peanut butter ice cream. We ask for your patience as we build inventory and will be working towards having QTs available for purchase here at the dairy and home delivery while flavors will start slowly making their way out to the restaurant for scooping. So, stay tuned for more flavors and details about our progress and more products in the not-so-distant future.
Thank you for your continued support."

Photo courtesy of Hoover's Dairy.