Heritage Kulfi has unveiled two brand new flavors in its premium kulfi collection: Almond Blossom and Malai Sweet Cream. 

Churned minimally and crafted with a dose of cream, just like the original dessert, Heritage Kulfi's decadent ingredients are slow cooked and cooled overnight, yielding a dense, creamy texture and rich dairy notes.

“I have always seen Heritage Kulfi as an extension of my own identity and a way to stay connected with my culture through food,” says Ahmed Mansoor, founder and CEO. "These quintessential kulfi flavors not only extend that opportunity to the entire South Asian community, but offer something authentic to anyone who appreciates delicious, well-made ice cream.” 

Almond Blossom reflects almond’s key place in beloved South Asian desserts like kheer (rice pudding) and burfi (fudge). This flavor is concocted with real California almonds and a touch of orange blossom for a bright, sunny finish. The unique twist on traditional kulfi, rich in toasty, earthy notes and citrus, proves the perfect springtime treat. 

Malai Sweet Cream honors malai, the defining flavor of traditional kulfi. Malai is the cream that forms at the surface when milk is heated. High in milk fat with a distinctive cooked milk flavor, malai serves as the backbone of all Heritage Kulfi flavors. In traditional kulfi making, malai is the base upon which all other flavorings are layered, giving all Heritage Kulfi ice creams a consistently creamy and rich cooked-milk profile. For those seeking to explore kulfi for the first time, or for those already intimately familiar with the dessert eager for a nostalgic, authentic representation, the Malai Sweet Cream is the place to start.

These two new flavors, soon to be available at all retail partners, will further reflect the traditional South Asian flavors and quality ingredients that make Heritage Kulfi a culturally authentic kulfi and premium ice cream.

 A proud first-generation New Yorker with extensive experience in frozen food distribution, Ahmed designed Heritage Kulfi to fill a gap in the South Asian food market while offering a unique product to the premium ice cream market as a whole — classic South Asian flavors and the creaminess of traditional kulfi that speak to a broader audience. All flavors are egg-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, halal and kosher and come in sustainably sourced packaging.