Van Leeuwen continues to add unique ice cream flavor combinations. 

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is partnering with Van Leeuwen, to create a limited-edition ice cream representing one of America's favorite food pairings, Idaho potato French fries and milkshakes. The limited-edition malted milkshake flavored ice cream with French fry bites is currently available to purchase through Van Leeuwen's website and in all scoop shops in Los Angeles and New York. 

A recent national survey identified Idaho French fries and milkshakes as one of the most irresistible flavor combinations edging out biscuits and gravy and chicken and waffles, states IPC. "The survey results confirmed for us that Idaho potatoes in any form, are the most versatile vegetable; the pairing options are endless," explained Jamey Higham, President and CEO, IPC. "Idaho potatoes have earned their place at breakfast, lunch and dinner, now we've got dessert covered, too!"

Idaho Malted Milkshake & Fries French Ice Cream tastes exactly as one would expect: "perfectly crisped"French fries dipped in a tall fountain glass filled with a creamy malted milkshake. The flavor features bites of French fry pieces throughout, which were created by Van Leeuwen's in-house pastry team using Idaho potato flakes. Made with premium ingredients, the toasty caramel-flavored ice cream will transport you back to old school diner days after just one bite.