Milk is spotlighting women with the launch of 26.2, A powerful, experiential initiative, that commits to sponsor this year's female marathon runners, as well as an effort to generate awareness for the many gender inequalities in sport.

As part of the campaign, Milk is launching the Every Women Sponsored Fund in a continued partnership with Girls on the Run International, an organization dedicated to empowering young girls through physical activity, a dedication to hero female athletes of every generation.

After sponsoring women runners at the 2022 Marathon in New York City, this year Milk aims to extend support even further, sponsoring every woman running any marathon who signs up for Team Milk. From first time marathon runners to ultra marathoners, Milk’s 26.2 program will spotlight female runners' journeys, provide female-centric training resources, nutritional, mental and physical advice from first in class sports experts, and include a sponsorship tour, providing on-site support for any women running marathons in Denver, Chicago and New York Marathons. Milk aims to create a running community for women, powered by women. 

For every woman that signs up for Team Milk, Milk will also pledge a donation in support of our Every Woman Sponsored fund with the goal of raising up to $1,000,000 USD to-date in an effort to help Girls on the Run enhance their suite of curricula by further addressing the root causes of physical, social, and emotional health inequities. When you sign up for Team Milk, your run supports her run.

"For far too long female athletes have been overlooked and under supported. Our hope is that 26.2 is a reminder that Milk is not only a powerful performance beverage for ALL athletes but an ally when it comes to equality in sport,” said MilkPEP CEO Yin Woon Rani. “We recognize that equality doesn’t happen overnight but without bold change, progress cannot happen. Our 26.2 program works to shine a light on incredible women runners who are proving to future generations that their dreams matter while also serving as a kickoff to our larger dedication to feature women in 100% of our campaigns. While we may not be able to bridge the gap alone, we are devoted to doing our part.”

While 26.2 is a start, inequality affects every sport and Milk aims to be a larger catalyst for change. Milk has always been a champion of female athletes, but this year the industry is making an even bigger commitment. Beginning on International Women’s Day, @GonnaNeedMilk is also pledging to only feature women across 100% of its campaigns and content for the year.

“At Girls on the Run, we are committed to inspiring girls to unlock their limitless potential. In a world where nearly only 5% of sports coverage is dedicated to women, it is time for change. It is time to prove to the next generation that their dreams matter,” said Liz Wian, vice president of Partnerships and Development at Girls on the Run International. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Milk as they launch the Every Woman Sponsored fund to help address the root of gender inequality in sport. In addition to providing an affordable and delicious performance beverage with 13 essential nutrients that active girls need at a crucial growth period, Milk is inspiring girls everywhere to be what they can see, and that is priceless.

Photo courtesy of MilkPEP.