Protekt, a veteran-owned wellness company, launched a new, all-natural Immunity Liquid Beverage Enhancer that delivers high-impact antioxidants including vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, and echinacea to support optimal health and immunity throughout the body, the company says.

Available in Mixed Berry and Orange, Protekt’s revolutionary liquid formulation disperses instantly in hot or cold water, compared to powders or tablets where endless mixing is sometimes necessary to diffuse ingredients and flavor, the Newport Beach, Calif.-based company says.

The all-natural liquid formulation is zero calories, no sugar, and no added artificial flavors or ingredients, making it easy to support the body’s first line of defense. Additionally, the Liquid Immunity Beverage Enhancer guards against external stressors, extreme weather conditions that may alter the immune system, and seasonal viruses to keep your immunity strong and your body healthy. 

Made with 100% natural ingredients and sweetened with plant-sourced stevia, Protekt’s Liquid Immunity Beverage Enhancer may also support collagen production and contribute to skin health. 

“With millions of consumers facing seasonal physical and mental health concerns, Protekt strives to innovate 100% natural products to promote healthy bodies and minds including our immune system,” says Nick Norris, Protekt’s co-founder and CEO. “This new formulation was created to fit seamlessly with our lineup of supplements, so consumers can easily work the Immunity formula into their daily routines.” 

The Immunity formulation joins a robust lineup of liquid and performance supplements including Protekt’s best-selling Hydration Liquid Beverage Enhancer, who recently unveiled its new watermelon flavor and now available for purchase. Protekt's hydration formula features a proprietary 10:2:1 electrolyte ratio of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, providing vital minerals for intense workouts, heat exhaustion, travel and improved general wellness. 

“At Protekt, our mission since inception has been driven by providing consumer education on essential, science-backed products that establish a health baseline to flourish in life, so creating a supplement that supports our overall immunity and adding new flavors to our existing products were natural next steps for the brand,” notes Tim Duba, co-founder and president of Protekt. “We take pride in creating a revolutionary immunity formulation to prevent seasonal health concerns that also taste great, and we look forward to continue expanding our well-rounded wellness product lineup.”