GEA broke ground on its repair, logistics, assembly, production and training facility in Janesville, Wis.

GEA will invest more than $20 million in the new site in response to growing demand for separators, decanters, valves, pumps and homogenizers which are at the heart of many industrial production processes. Separators are machines used to separate two liquids of different densities from each other.  

Decanters contribute to a cleaner environment in numerous industrial applications such as wastewater and water treatment. Valves and Pumps are controlled flow technology equipment while Homogenizers are a type of mixing equipment to create a uniform and consistent mixture.

The 85,000 square foot-building is scheduled for completion in late 2023. In addition to modern office space, the facility will house a training center for customers and employees. The remaining space will be used for the repair of mechanical equipment and logistics. Located approximately 80 miles west of Milwaukee and 40 miles south of Madison, the new GEA facility will create more than 70 jobs.

“We need another repair facility in the Midwest, because 30 to 35 percent of our installed customer base is located there," said Michael J. Vick, Separation & Flow Technologies Vice President, GEA North America. "We will be much closer to our customers and have an opportunity to secure more repairs and spare parts business. Repairs are a critical part of our business as customers need our expertise, particularly for centrifuges which can’t be repaired at the customer site and require technical experience. Now we’ll be able to support them more efficiently and will be more attractive to new customers.”

Added Azam Owaisi, CEO GEA North America, “The Janesville facility will bring us closer to our growing Midwest customer base and it will enable us to meet the growing demand for our products,” says Azam Owaisi, CEO GEA North America. “As the new facility will have production capabilities to finalize separator, decanter, valve and pump assembly, GEA will fully meet the ‘Built in America’ mandates if required. We would like to thank the city of Janesville leadership for their cooperation and support.”