Roth Cheese, Fitchburg, Wis., announced that it has added three new flavors to its Gouda line, including Spinach Artichoke, Hot Honey and Buffalo Ranch that were voted on by consumers as part of the brand’s “pick your favorite flavor” contest.

 Each of these creamy Roth Gouda cheeses has a distinct flavor profile:

 •    Spinach Artichoke Gouda is savory and features flavors of artichokes, spinach, garlic, and other spices. It pairs well with fresh veggies, pita chips, and IPAs, and is perfect for dips, crostinis, and cheeseboards.

    Hot Honey Gouda contains spicy crushed red pepper and the earthy sweetness of honey. It pairs well with lager, grilled peaches, and mojitos and is excellent for roasted vegetables, cheese plates, and pizza.

    Buffalo Ranch Gouda features classic buffalo heat and herby flavors of garlic, chive and parsley. This Gouda is perfect for Game Day dips, on top of a pizza, or in homemade mac and cheese. It’s also great paired with pilsner beers, bloody marys and fresh veggies.

 Madeline Kuhn, R&D specialist and cheesemaker at Roth Cheese, notes that consumers crave new flavors. ““Flavor is everything, especially when you’re a consumer looking to impress friends and family with a knockout cheese on a cheeseboard. We’re constantly monitoring flavors that stand out, are on-trend, and — in this case — that customers already love.”

And, data shows customers are craving flavor innovation, which is helping drive Gouda category growth. Kaitie Hackett, Roth Cheese’s category manager, explains that shopper insights are at the core of everything the company does.

“Retail sales of specialty flavored Goudas have grown by 56 percent since 2019 and drove $8 million of growth in 2021, up 17 percent versus the previous year,” Hackett says. “New Roth Gouda flavors are trending on restaurant menus as well, especially Hot Honey which has doubled its presence on U.S. menus over the last four years and is expected to grow another 33 percent in the next four years.”

Roth Cheese has been crafting specialty cheese in Wisconsin since 1991. The company is part of Emmi Roth, one of the nation’s largest specialty cheese producers. 

The award-winning cheese company says that the three new Gouda cheese expand on an already strong product line, including Roth Gouda, Aged Gouda and Smoked Gouda along with flavors available regionally such as 3 Chile Pepper Gouda and Sriracha Gouda. The company also makes Grand Cru, Buttermilk Blue, everyday favorites like Havarti and Gouda along with new snack and grab-and-go cheeses. 

 “With these new flavors, we’ve built out one of the strongest Gouda lines available in the market today,” says Brittany Fladeboe, brand manager for Roth Cheese. “Spinach Artichoke and Buffalo Ranch are new flavors in the Gouda category, giving consumers even more unique choices for snacking and entertaining.”

 The new Roth Gouda flavors are available at Walmart Supercenters and other grocers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.25 for an 8-ounce package.