FlexXray opened a new state-of-the-art, USDA- and FDA-registered inspection facility specializing in foreign material QA hold resolution services in Fort Mill, S.C. FlexXray said the demand for its services in the Southeast region has rapidly increased among the food and beverage production facilities in this area of the country.

According to the Arlington, Texas-based company, the new 42,000-square-foot facility will provide the fastest, safest and most accurate foreign material inspection and QA hold resolution services to food and product manufacturers across the southeastern United States. This facility will feature multiple inspection lines using FlexXray's new proprietary next-generation advanced digital technology to find contaminants, including plastic and metal, down to 0.2 millimeter in size. The location will have an initial capacity to process up to 10 truckloads of product per day. The facility will also offer shrink bundling, can and jar dud detection, contaminant retrieval, manual sorting and packaging, and metal detection.

"We are opening this new plant to be closer to our customers so they can take full advantage of our next-generation technology, which can detect contaminants, including plastic that other systems can't detect,” said FlexXray CEO Randy Jesberg. “We are delighted to take this next step in our long-term vision to serve food producers throughout the United States with fast and effective advanced solutions via conveniently located regional service centers,"

At full capacity, the new facility will run 24 hours per day with multiple shifts and inspect over 12 truckloads of product every day. The facility will be able to inspect multiple trucks simultaneously, and will be able to inspect an entire truck in as little as two hours — while the driver waits. It also has extensive warehouse storage to accommodate customer projects of all types and sizes, FlexXray said.