According to Admix, if a manufacturer’s in-tank mixer leaves agglomerates behind when mixing powders into liquids, a single pass through the DynaShear disperser will instantly complete mixing and hydration. The DynaShear inline high-speed, high-shear disperser has a powerful dual-stage rotor/stator design, ensuring that 100% of powder ingredients are fully utilized. With the DynaShear, smooth and completely uniform ice cream mix, flavored milks, coffee creamer, cheese starters, yogurt, dip, buttermilk, sour cream and more can be transferred from a batch tank directly to a high-temperature/short-time or ultra-high-temperature balance tank. Optimized finished textures can be achieved by installing the DynaShear disperser just before the filler.





Charles Ross & Son Co. says its inline high-shear mixers from 1 through 250 horsepower accelerate mixing, emulsification and homogenization in both recirculation and continuous modes. A mobile skid allows these machines to be used anywhere in a plant, saving time and money by eliminating the need for multiple mixers separately dedicated to each vessel or product. Easy to clean in place and relocate, the pictured ROSS Model HSM-410 inline high-shear mixer is a versatile machine capable of handling different applications with viscosities up to 20,000 centipoise. A variable-frequency drive or control panel may be mounted to the cart and wired to the mixer motor for complete portability.





GEA says its Mixing Formula line is a range of mixers for batch-mixing, continuous inline blending and high-shear mixing for “difficult-to-mix” food, beverage and dairy products. The Mixing Formula’s solutions are versatile, hygienic and suitable for multipurpose manufacturing. GEA now has a 100-liter pilot mixer available for short-term rental at customers’ locations or for development work at its Hudson, Wis., test facility. The pilot unit can simulate the operating behavior of full-scale production and can be adapted to run according to a manufacturer’s required specifications.





Koss Industrial’s new heavy-duty stainless-steel liquefiers feature a modular impeller/bearing assembly that allows for the bearings, impeller and housing to be easily removed for maintenance. In addition, complete impeller assemblies can be stocked for quick changeover with minimal downtime. The company’s custom-built liquefiers offer high-shear blending and are ideal for emulsifying or completely blending two or more dissimilar liquids, mixing dry ingredients/powders into liquids, blending cheese into sauce mixtures, breaking up re-work for reincorporation and uniform suspension of solids. Koss says it offers a variety of options, including scraped- or swept-surface models, rectangle or round body styles, and direct or belt-drive units





Powder Process-Solutions (PPS) says its engineers will analyze a specific material’s properties — heat buildup, degradation and sanitation — to determine optimal blend time, batch volume and rotor design that provide a low coefficient of variation and high throughputs. Mixer performance, mixture uniformity and sanitation are critical factors in all designs. Continuous and batch mixing systems are offered. PPS has extensive experience with upstream and downstream process requirements, which enables the company to select and integrate the appropriate equipment into a new or an existing process.





SPX Flow says it has more than 95 years of technical expertise, and its Lightnin mixers remain at the forefront of food and beverage processing. With many available designs and mounting options, the mixers can be used in a variety of applications and tank sizes. From preparation to storage, these mixing solutions will enable repeatable and consistent output while reducing maintenance cost due to their robust construction. From adjustable portable models to sanitary tri-clamp-mounted or mechanically sealed variations — no matter how small, large or complex a manufacturer’s mixing requirements may be, SPX Flow’s Lightnin mixers are a reliable choice for peak process performance.