Maanit, Israel-based Galam, a global manufacturer of ingredients for the food industry, among others, said it recently opened two new production plants for sc-FOS (fructo oligosaccharides/oligofructose), both with a strict quality control system and a capacity of thousands of tons.

The plant located in Israel specializes in FOS production in powder form and exports worldwide, while the plant in Barcelona, Spain, specializes in liquid FOS production and supports the European market. Galam said its short-chain sc-FOS (branded as GOFOS) is produced from beet sugar by a unique proprietary enzymatic process.

“Based on the vast technological experience that Galam has obtained over the past 80 years and our understanding of the market, we have decided to invest $20 [million] in our new facilities,” said Liad Cohen, CEO of Galam. “The world’s demand for prebiotic fibers in general, and FOS in particular, is rapidly increasing, and Galam is working on being a major supplier of high-quality sc-FOS in this growing worldwide market.”

According to Galam, sc-FOS is one of the most researched prebiotics, with supported scientific evidence demonstrating that consumption of this prebiotic fiber brings about a range of health benefits by providing balanced gut microbiota, resulting in wellbeing in both humans and animals.