COVID-19 is real. It’s wreaked havoc on society.

Like most other industries, agriculture has taken a beating. Dairy processors, farmers and allied companies all have suffered and now face a new world of personal protective equipment, social distancing, self-isolation and other preventative measures.

With that said, what happens when a pandemic hits America during a pivotal election year and politics rears its ugly head?


Two different views

Since this country is so evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, there’s a true schism in how people view COVID-19. Republican governors have been quicker to reopen their states than their Democratic counterparts. National polls show that Republicans tend to eschew facemasks, while Dems thoroughly believe in them.

Democratic governors and members of Congress lambast President Trump for his ineffectiveness in dealing with the virus. The President accuses the Dems of trying to drag out this virus — with its related shutdowns — as long as possible.


Legitimate questions

Some questions can legitimately be asked when viewing this pandemic through a political lens. Are there political motives by state governments when determining how quickly their states re-open? Why did certain states and businesses receive more USDA funding for the Food Box Program than others? Why is there a push by Dems to have U.S. citizens vote by mail in November? Why are farmers being wooed with COVID-19 stimulus funds in key battleground states such as Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, our Democratic governor attempted to implement some of the toughest restrictions in the country. These were eventually overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. However, individual counties now have power to set their own rules, and the two most liberal counties — Dane and Milwaukee — instituted extremely stiff lockdown regulations.

Could Wisconsin be one of the most critical states in determining whether President Trump is re-elected? Could it be that the Democratic leaders of these two counties wish to continue stifling any economic recovery?

Everyone knows the old adage that “people vote with their pocketbooks.” If the economies don’t recover prior to November, will that rob Trump of a key electability factor?

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a tsunami of troubles on the United States and its industries, including the dairy industry. Because of the timing, the dark side of politics has pulled the focus away from society collaboratively working together to solve the myriad problems associated with the virus.