Indianapolis-based Epogee LLC said its new alternative fat, EPG, achieved additional generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status by the FDA. EPG, a GMO-free modified plant-based oil that allows food and beverage manufacturers to dramatically reduce calories while leaving taste and texture intact, is now approved for use in expanded food and beverage products.

New GRAS-approved categories include plant-based protein products, beverages/beverage bases, coffee and tea, and dairy product analogs, Epogee said.

“We are very pleased EPG has been recognized as a safe ingredient for use in additional food and beverage categories,” said David Rowe, founder and chief technology officer, Epogee. “Now a new generation of great-tasting products will allow consumers to enjoy their favorite foods without all of the fat. Manufacturers are seeing exciting results and achieving a richer, more complex flavor palate with satisfying mouthfeel in food and beverages that include EPG.”

According to Epogee, EPG is unlike anything else available on the market today: It can cut 92% of calories from fat for each unit of fat replaced and reduce total calories by as much as 45% without compromising taste or texture. Prior to the May 4 expanded approval, EPG had previously been recognized as GRAS for use in a variety of applications, including confections and bars, baked goods and mixes, frozen dairy and desserts, spreads/dips/gravies and sauces, peanut and nut butters, grain products and pasta and frying applications.